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Big Reef, Bodrum

On the reef of Bodrum, you can find underwater caves, sunken ships and plane ruins. The beautiful sea that surrounds the Bodrum peninsula is home to thousands of different underwater species. The Bodrum’s Big Reef should be on your diving list, as it is one of Turkey’s best diving sites.

Located 20 minutes from Bodrum city center, the Great Reef resembles a mountain as it is 35-meters deep, its peak being 7 meters below the water surface. The Great Reef is famous for its great number and variety of fish. This diving site is also a stop for Red Sea migrants. The top of the Big Reef is 4 meters beneath sea-level, and 32 meters long on the South side, 36 meters long on the North side. The part of the Big Reef facing the Gumbet comes down in terraces, while the part facing Karaada requires a steep wall dive. The Big Reef is suitable for both professional and beginner divers.

On shallower spots of the Big Reef you can find octopuses, bream, and scorpionfish. Glide 20 meters deeper and there are plenty of moray, dentex, rock grouper and groupers to be seen. As you dive, you will come across walls lined with marine sponge. Don’t forget to look out for flocks of barracudas!

As the water temperature drops to 14-15 degrees during the winter, you can expect a great diving experience all year round. Book a flight to Bodrum and experience an early morning diving adventure in the clear blue seawaters.

If you want to see a great variety of colorful fish, then the Big Reef is for you.

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