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Canyon, Kaş

Dive amongst sea creatures and ancient ruins at Kaş, home to one of the best diving spots in the World. Canyon is one of many historical spots in Kaş, where you can find an amazing diving site, Dimitri Shipwreck, that is ideal for underwater photographers.

The stunning town of Kaş is not just famous for its scenic villages and beautiful turquoise waters, but also for its prestige as one of the best diving spots in the World. The Canyon, which extends between the two islands, passes through a narrow strait where at two steep walls starting at 20 meters and running up to 30 meters, you can find a tunnel-shaped cave. Within the cave you can find may delights, such as: marine sponge, lobster, anemone, crabs and other shelled-creatures. It is important to note that Canyon is a hunting ground for a Mediterranean monk seal.

Dive in the depths of Canyon and immerse yourself in the beautiful sights; marvel at the rich variety of sea creatures, until you reach the Dmitri Shipwreck. The Dmitri Wreck, 42 meters deep, is said to have sunk after crashing into a mine in 1968.

Due to windy conditions and choppy waves at sea, it is advised that you swim in the morning. Canyon is a diving spot that is preferred by professional divers.

For a diving experience that is an exploration of history as well as a wealth of beautiful sea creatures, you can book a flight to Dalaman or book a flight to Antalya.

A diving experience where you can see sea creatures and a shipwreck…

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