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Orak Island, Bodrum

Orak Island, a diving paradise, has an immense 100-meter Wall and underwater caves. For those that enjoy Wall diving, Orak Island has a lot to offer, especially its magnificent underwater topography.

Orak Island is an hour and a half distance from Bodrum center and named after its hook shape. Orak Island is one of the largest islands you will encounter as you approach The Gulf of Gökova. The diving site is on the Southern side of the Island. You can dive on either side, however the side that faces Gökova facing is breathtaking. It is possible to see purple sponges at 32-34 meters in this cave. Wall diving lovers prefer this place because it has an underwater wall that descends to 25 and 190 meters.

Orak Island is a quaint town with a small population. In shallower parts of the sea, you can see the flocks of both big and small fish, and plenty of leer fish on the wall side. Grouper, stingray, moray eels and lagos can also be seen.

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Orak Island is one of Turkey’s best diving sites, and ideal for those that love Wall diving.

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