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Get ready for adventures on the road!

Those who pair Positive Card and Miles&Smiles memberships will receive earn Positive points and recieve gift fuel in accordance with their Miles&Smiles membership status. Pair your membership now, and begin your advantegous journey!

How to sync memberships?

All you need to do to benefit from this opportunity and earn more fuel points, is to sync your Positive Card and Miles&Smiles memberships. Then use your Positive Card to purchase fuel from contracted Petrol Office stations. In order to sync your Positive Card and Miles&Smiles memberships visit www.petrolofisi.com.tr. Or after typing THY and leaving a space, along with your membership numbers, you can send an SMS to 7627..

Convert your Miles into fuel!

When you sync your Positive Card and Miles&Smiles memberships, you will be able to determine the amount of Miles you want to convert into fuel. Convert accumulated Miles into fuel with ease and use converted Miles for fuel and autogas purchases at Petrol Office stations.

Every 1,000 Miles will turn in to 50 TL worth of fuel, ready for immediate use at Petrol Office stations, loaded onto your Positive Card.

All you have to do is tell the Market Salespeople at Petrol Office stations that you want to use your gift fuel while handing over your Positive Card.