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Save time with online check-in!

Through online check-in via our website and mobile application you can save time by choosing your seat and creating your mobile boarding pass effortlessly and go directly to the boarding gate depending on your baggage status.

If you have no baggage or only cabin baggage... 


You can proceed directly to the boarding gate with the mobile boarding pass you will receive after completing the online check-in process or with your printed boarding pass.

Online check-in and booking frequently asked questions

What is online check-in and how do I do it? Learn more

Online check-in is something that can be completed between 24 hours to 90 minutes before your flight using the Turkish Airlines website or mobile application. You can easily check-in online by entering your reservation code (PNR) and surname in the relevant field.

What is the advantage of checking in online? Learn more

By checking in online, you do not need to wait in line at the counter to check-in at the airport and you can easily choose the seats you prefer as long as they are included in your flight class. If you have no suitcases or only hand luggage, you can go directly to the boarding gate.

Is online check-in available for passengers requiring special services? Learn more

Passengers requiring special services (unattended children, infirm passengers, and passengers with mobility issues) may benefit from in person check-in methods rather than online check-in. You can review our check-in procedures page for check-in alternatives that may be preferential for passengers with specific needs.

Can I check in online for more than one flight? Learn more

If your trip consisting of connecting flights, you can perform "end-to-end check-in" which will cover all flights. For round-trip travel on the same day, you can perform "round-trip check-in" covering both flights.

Can I choose a seat during the online check-in process? Learn more

During the online check-in process, you can view the seats on the seat plan, determine if which ones are available, and make your choice.

If I checked in online, how much time prior to my flight should I arrive at the airport and what should I do when I arrive? Learn more

If you have checked in online, you can go to the appropriate Turkish Airlines counter to get your boarding pass and check in your baggage. You must complete these procedures 60 minutes prior to international flights and 45 minutes prior to domestic flights. We recommend that you plan your arrival time at the airport by considering these procedures as well as security checks.

Passengers who pre-print their boarding pass or create a mobile boarding pass can go directly to the boarding gate by passing through the security check if they have no baggage or only hand luggage.

How do I cancel my flight if I do not arrive at the airport on time after online check-in or if I cancel my trip prior to departure? Learn more

Contact our call center or sales offices to make a new reservation and/or cancel your flight.

Dear passenger, 

Please visit if you have any other questions about the check-in procedures.

Discover our various check-in options!

By getting informed in advance about the different check-in options we offer, you can choose one of them and plan your trip more comfortably and quickly.

Check-in procedures

Save time with the mobile boarding pass!

With a mobile boarding pass, you can not only contribute to the environment but also proceed directly to the boarding gate depending on your baggage status.

Mobile boarding pass