The Vikings In Four Steps

Traces Of The Norse Seamen Who Once Held Sway Over A Broad Area From The North Sea To The Black Sea Are A Center Of Attraction For Tourists Today. So Who Are These Vikings?

Spreading out from the English Channel to the rivers of Russia between the 8th and the 11th centuries, the Vikings also took their culture wherever they went. It was said that the Norwegian Viking commander Leif Ericson (aka Eric the Red) discovered the Americas 500 years before Christopher Columbus.

The voyage Eric the Red made from Greenland to Newfoundland on the east coast of North America in the 10th century is a touristic itinerary today. Dubbed Viking Voyage, this adventurous cruise is made by some organizers using replicas of the original Viking ships.

Istanbul, which they called Miklagard meaning ‘big city’, was always a dazzling attraction for the Vikings. Offering slaves they brought from Russia in return for the silk and spices they bought in Istanbul, the Vikings made several attempts to occupy the city.

The Vikings were masters at finding their way on the sea using the stars and clouds. These seamen who knew the seas of Europe like the back of their hand knew when they were close to shore from birds nesting there and the scent of seaweed.