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Choose one of the hundreds of Turkish Airlines destinations and take your canoe with you when you go. To enjoy a fantastic holiday, all you have to do now is paddle!

Carrying canoeing equipment on flights

Canoeing equipment consists of one canoe and one set of rows. The maximum length of canoe is 3.5 meters. It is not possible to carry motor or electrical components of canoes. 

  • Special baggage fee is not applied in domestic flights; your baggage will be processed as checked baggage. In case baggage allowance is exceeded, excess baggage fee, calculated according to the weight of the baggage, will be requested. 
  • Special baggage fee is applied in international flights. 
  • It is mandatory to make reservation entry. 
  • As some aircraft types in our fleet are not suitable for carrying the cargo of these sizes, do not forget to inform the related personnel during reservation. Canoes not in the appropriate sizes are carried on cargo flights. 
  • As the admission process takes time for canoes, please apply to the check-in desk on time. 
  • Canoes shall be packed in a way to prevent damage.