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Male passenger using the entertainment system and the wi-fi system in the THY Business Class cabin

In-flight television programs

TV   All, Drama

Castle Rock

Memories haunt Ruth Deaver.

TV   All, Comedy

The Dangerous Book for Boys

A collection of stories designed to help boys of the digital age embrace the importance of maintaining a spirit of adventure and learn how to do everything from climbing trees to building go-karts.

TV   All, Travel

Destination Videos - 1

Each with 2.5 minute long, brand-new 20 destination videos are combined for you. Enjoy our non-stop 20 amusing journeys!

TV   All, Science and Tech

BBC Click

Click delves into what's happened between Facebook and Cambridge Analytica and takes a look at the wider issue of our data being harvested by tech giants.

TV   All, Science and Tech


Turkey's first unmanned combat aerial vehicle, designed by Baykar, is being introduced to public for the first time through the documentary.

TV   All, Discover Turkey

Gaziantep Gastrocity

A city where thousands of years of history meets a culinary culture A geography where gastronomy is blended with history, Where the most special tastes of Anatolia meet. Gaziantep; the taste capital of the world ‘Gaziantep Gastrocity’

TV   All, Linkedin Learning

Brand Strategy for Designers

Learn how to design an effective brand strategy and develop a compelling brand identity from the ground up.

TV   All

Everyone Can Quit… Everyone!

Can everyone quit smoking? It doesn't matter how many years you smoke, how many cigarettes you smoke, how many times you quit smoking. I am telling all smokers out there: you can all quit!

TV   All, Documentary

The Repair Shop

Nestled deep in the British countryside is The Repair Shop, where broken and battered beloved artefacts, antiques, and curios are brought back to life.

TV   All, Lifestyle

Undercover Billionaire

Billionaire Glenn Sterns hits a breaking point that sends him to the hospital and threatens to shut down his mission to identify a new business and grow it to a $1-million valuation in just 90 days.