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As the airline which flies to the most destinations in the world, we believe innovation is the key to increasing standards. We're actively conducting over 500 research and development studies in our Information Technology Center, which covers an area of 12 thousand square meters.


  • Service-focused IT transformation 
  • Two fast IT models 
  • Information management and security 
  • Digitalization 
  • Simplified IT processes 
  • Employee focus

What we do?

Qualification-development events Learn more >>

In order to improve their knowledge and qualifications, our R&D staff regularly attend events such as national and international congresses, symposia and seminars. Our aim is to increase the number of articles and publications produced by our institution. We’ve set up the necessary partnerships to ensure our staff work alongside academic consultants, and we also hold in-house events to promote a culture of R&D.

Incentives for higher education Learn more >>

We incentivize our staff to join masters and doctorate programs. When preparing their theses, we make sure our staff are able to work with the right academic consultants.

Academic cooperation Learn more >>

We're proud to support university-industry cooperation. As such, we keep in close contact with the Technology Transfer Offices of several universities.

Incentive systems Learn more >>

We've introduced a number of systems to motivate our R&D staff. We’ve established a Suggestion System which rewards R&D staff when they innovate in response to the suggestions of the Deputy Directorate General.

R&D projects Learn more >>

We're aiming to take part in more and more national and international R&D projects. We've entered into various partnerships for programs such as TEYDEB and Horizon 2020.