Business Class

Domestic flights

We aim to get your journey off to a pleasant start with “welcome drinks” served before the flight. With our preferential dining on board service, we give you the opportunity to discover a multitude of flavors from world cuisine and savor the special tastes of Turkish cooking, such as shish kebap, karniyarik, manti, and imam bayildi.

International flights

On International flights, our Business Class dining on board service varies according to the departure time and length of flight. On all our international flights we greet you with “welcome drinks” just before departure. Afterwards, we serve our ever-changing menu, prepared with consistently fresh, high-quality ingredients, and presented on stylish porcelain tableware. On some flights, as well as our hot/cold breakfast and meal service, you can also enjoy our snack service. 

The outstanding flavor of our Business Class international meal service is created with passion by our flying chefs. Preparing our meals in our kitchens in the sky ensures that the food is as fresh as possible when it reaches your plate.

Transatlantic flights

On transatlantic journeys, our flying chefs prepare dishes that leave a lasting impression on the taste buds of our Business Class passengers. Before introducing passengers to the mouthwatering dishes prepared by our flying chefs, we greet them with our “welcome drinks”. 

At the start of our delicious meal service, we present you with our comprehensive selection of hors d’oeuvres, and serve one of the many soups that hold such an esteemed position in Turkish cuisine. In addition, our meals, which are served on stylish porcelain tableware, are prepared and cooked according to your wishes. Our menus vary depending on the nature of the flight and we are constantly refreshing and developing them. 

We serve two meals on our transatlantic flights and also provide a snack service on some routes. After savoring the flavor of our delicious food, you can browse our comprehensive hot drinks menu and make your own choice or continue on your journey of tastes with Turkish coffee and Turkish delight.

Economy Class

Domestic flights 

For passengers choosing Economy Class for domestic flights, we offer a menu of sandwiches, olive oil-based appetizers, and desserts. Our diligently prepared dishes vary according to departure time and length of the flight.

International and transatlantic flights

Dishes are prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients, diligently presented and made to your personal preferences. You can discover the tastes of the world on our Economy Class international and transatlantic flights. As well as our breakfast and meal choices, on some flights we also offer a snack service. The dishes offered vary according to the departure time and length of the flight. On international flights that take up to two hours, we serve delicious sandwiches prepared with warm, homemade artisan bread. On international flights that last 2-3 hours we serve cakes and sandwiches. On certain flights within these time frames, we serve hot/cold breakfast or hot/cold food depending on the time of departure. On flights that last more than 3 hours, there are meal alterations depending on the flight duration and departure time. Likewise, we serve hot/cold breakfast or hot/cold food depending on the time of departure. On certain long-haul flights, there are sandwich, cake and snack options available on the menu. In addition, you can make special food requests depending on your preferences and needs on all flights, except for domestic flight. Upon request, we prepare suitable menus that meet your specific medical, dietary and religious requirements.