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As the airline that flies to the most countries in the world, we connect different cultures and geographies and provide staunch support for sustainable development. While offering the best travel experience to passengers, we place sustainability at the center of our business understanding.

Tomorrow On-Board

As the airline that flies to the most countries, we connect the world and take pioneering steps in our sector. We create value for society and nature at every point we reach, and we work hard towards a sustainable world. We are excited to shape the future as we focus on the elements that contribute to development on this path.

Our sustainability strategy

To consider environmental, social and economic impacts in a holistic manner together with efficient risk management; to create value in the future by going beyond today’s achievements with an understanding of business excellence and innovativeness that responds to the expectations of employees, customers, suppliers, subsidiaries, business partners, and shareholders as well as global trends.

Our sustainability policy

Adoption of corporate management culture

Climate change combat

Considering people and the environment while growing

Our sustainability policy

Adding value to stakeholders

Improving the balance between female and male employees

Support to innovation

Adding value to society

Compliance with the code of conduct principles

Sustainable growth and profitability

Continuous improvement

You can find the details of our sustainability policy and other policies here.

Turkish Airlines sustainability priorities

The focus of our Sustainability Strategy is on social, economic and environmental issues that have an impact on our activities or that may arise as a result of our activities. We prioritize these issues by considering our core values, global trends and the expectations of our stakeholders.

The most material issues


Highly material issues


Material issues


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