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Terms and conditions

In order to become a Miles&Smiles member and benefit from the privileges, all you need to do is follow the specified rules. Get detailed information about membership conditions, the evaluation process, the start of a membership, Miles&Smiles membership card details, Miles details and the award system from this page.


Those eligible for membership Learn more

Membership in the Miles&Smiles program is open to all individuals of at least 2 years of age in countries in which special passenger programs are permitted. These individuals must also be permitted to become a member of such programs under the laws that apply to their personal status. Membership is not open to legal entities or other groups or associations.

Becoming a member Learn more

Membership in the Miles&Smiles program starts with the first activity logged under the program after the completion of an application form, the acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions, or first use of a temporary Miles&Smiles card.

Individuality of applications Learn more

Joint applications made by several people and multiple applications by the same person are not permitted.

Right to use the benefits of membership Learn more

Once an individual has completed the Miles&Smiles application process and the application has been accepted, they can begin benefiting from the program. Turkish Airlines reserves the right to reject any membership application and is not obliged to provide justification.

Cancelation, suspension, and termination of memberships Learn more

Members can leave the Miles&Smiles program at any time by submitting a written request to Turkish Airlines. Turkish Airlines can terminate a membership agreement at any time, subject to two weeks' notice, and is not obligated to provide justification. Should the situation justify, the notice period may be waved. Turkish Airlines reserves the right to suspend a membership in any of the cases listed below. This right to suspend membership continues as long as there is suspicion that one or any of the situations below is the case. If it appears that one of the situations below is the case, Turkish Airlines may immediately terminate membership without need for prior notice and without prejudice to their right to pursue legal action or seek compensation. In such a case, Turkish Airlines' obligations to said member, including for Miles earned and other services under the program, no longer apply.
  • In the event a member contravenes the general membership conditions of the Miles&Smiles program, the conditions set out in any additional informative literature, or Turkish Airlines' general conditions of carriage;
  • In the event a member provides substantially false information, e.g. in details of flights flown, or takes advantage of the program illegally;
  • In the event a member aggravates, abuses or verbally, or physically attacks any Miles&Smiles or Turkish Airlines staff or other passengers or members; behaves contrarily to the directions of the staff in charge, especially during the flight or while in VIP lounges; or damages the aircraft or property of the cabin crew or other passengers.

Validity of Miles in case of membership termination Learn more

In the event that the notice period to terminate a membership comes to an end either on behalf of a member or Turkish Airlines, rights earned under said membership in the Miles&Smiles program remain valid for a period of 6 months without prejudice to other rules that may shorten the validity period of those rights. During this period, a member can exchange the Miles in their account for an award in accordance with program rules and conditions. If the number of Miles in a member's account is insufficient to exchange for an award, the member has no claim to rights over those Miles. If Turkish Airlines actively terminates a membership as a result of justifiable reasons, the member will lose the right to use the Miles in their account.

Validity of program records Learn more

In accordance with the General Terms and Conditions, Turkish Airlines is the sole authorized party in the administration of accounts, calculation of Miles earned, provision of information regarding awards, the issuing of awards, and the performance of awards. Turkish Airlines records shall be taken as the basis in all cases.


Digital Card Learn more

You can access your Miles&Smiles digital membership card through the Turkish Airlines mobile application after you create your membership.

Temporary cards Learn more

A temporary membership card stating the permanent personal membership number is included on the Miles&Smiles application form.

Using the card Learn more

The Miles&Smiles membership card cannot be transferred to another person or entity.

Personal identification code (PIN code) Read more

A PIN code will be issued to every Miles&Smiles member to be used for the online management of all membership activities. A PIN code will identify a member and automatically display a member's program entitlements. Any activities carried out under a PIN code shall be considered to have been done so by the member to whom the code belongs. For this reason, to ensure security and to prevent the misuse of an account, PIN codes must not be shared with third parties and should be kept confidential. Turkish Airlines will only issue a PIN code to a member upon their request. As such, Turkish Airlines cannot be held responsible for any unauthorized use of a member's PIN code. If a member suspects that their PIN code may have been misused or learned by any unauthorized person, they must immediately notify the Miles&Smiles representative listed in the Miles&Smiles documentation. Turkish Airlines cannot be held responsible in cases when this notification is delayed or is not made at all.


Calculation of Miles Learn more

Miles are the unit of calculation used under the Miles&Smiles program. Miles under the Miles&Smiles program are divided into two main categories. 

Status Miles are earned by flying with Turkish Airlines and other partner airlines, excluding chartered flights and flights made free of charge. 

Earn Miles with program partners on purchases with Miles&Smiles co-branded credit cards with Garanti Bank, QNB Finansbank and Kuveyt Türk. Miles, increases the total number of Miles in membership accounts and entitles members to prizes such as award tickets or upgrades.

Miles to be calculated Learn more

All benefits provided under the Miles&Smiles program are awarded on the basis of the number of Miles earned and used by a member since joining the program.

Personal Miles account Learn more

Each member will be issued with their own Miles&Smiles "Miles account" where their earned miles will be recorded. Excluding the "Family Membership" feature available under the Classic Plus Elite and Elite Plus membership classes, Miles and Miles accounts may not be transferred, more than one person may not collect Miles in a single account regardless of whether they are members of the program, and Miles may not be combined with those of another Miles&Smiles member to exchange for a single award. Miles may only be redeemed as stated in Miles&Smiles program rules and may not be exchanged for cash equivalents. Turkish Airlines reserves all rights of disposition regarding the use of Miles. 

In case of death, the member's death certificate, heredity certificate and certificate of renunciation approved by a notary public (a document showing that the other heirs' waive their rights) must be presented to Turkish Airlines in order for the Miles of the deceased member to be transferred to one of their heirs' Miles&Smiles account. Transferred miles are valid from the date on which they were first earned.

Earning Miles Learn more

The number of Miles which can be earned by a member will depend on the period during which they are earned and according to the conditions of the Miles&Smiles program. Turkish Airlines reserves the right to change at any time the rules governing the earning and using of Miles.

Just as with many other airlines' frequent flyer programs, Miles earned under Turkish Airlines programs conform to the IATA TPM Mile values. IATA TPM Mile values can be found in the Ticketed Point Mileage booklet published and updated by IATA. IATA updates these values on the basis of the Mile earning tables published in the aforementioned booklet.

On Turkish Airlines flights: Click here to learn how many Miles you will earn on Turkish Airlines flights.

On AnadoluJet flights: Miles&Smiles members earn Status Miles on AnadoluJet flights.

On flights with other Star Alliance member airlines: The booking class specified by the airline determine Miles earnings accrual. Visit our program partners page to see the table of Miles earnings by booking class.

Welcome Miles Learn more

You can now earn 1000 Welcome Miles after your first flight with Turkish Airlines, AnadoluJet or other Star Alliance member airlines or following your first spending with your Miles&Smiles credit card.

Processing of Miles Learn more

Earned Miles will automatically be credited to a member's account. While making a reservation, a member's Miles&Smiles membership number will be requested, and it may be necessary to produce a membership card during check-in. Miles credited to a member's account cannot be transferred to another reward scheme account, nor may they be transferred to another Miles&Smiles member's account.

Crediting Miles retroactively Learn more

If, for any reason, Miles are not credited for a flight taken or a service used, members may request that the amount be retroactively credited to their account for up to twelve months following the flight or service in question. Requests which are not made within twelve months after a flight taken or service used will not be accepted, and any documents supporting such a request will not be returned. 

The time limit for retroactive processing of Miles for some Star Alliance member airlines may vary, or may not be available at all. The reward program of the airline in question will be taken as a basis. 

Miles will only be earned by using the services of partner institutions under the Miles&Smiles as of the start date of the agreement with the institution in question, and Miles will not be credited retroactively for goods or services purchased prior to that start date.

Validity of Miles Learn more

Miles may be collected throughout the year. Unless stated otherwise, Miles earned under the program (flight, hotel stay, car rental) expire at the end of the third full calendar year at 23:59 local time in Türkiye following their processing.

A member may pay 20 dollars for every 1000 Miles that are about to expire to extend the validity of those Miles by another three years. Regardless of whether they are shown in an account summary, once Miles have expired, they cannot become valid once again. The validity of Miles will not be extended for any reason. Turkish Airlines does not guarantee that Miles can be used for the desired flight or travel dates.

Members will be informed of Miles about to expire on their account summary and will be invited to use them.

Miles must be used for ticketing before their expiration date; it is not enough to simply use them during reservations.

*Miles, which were going to expire at the end of 2020, has been extended for 6 more months.

Flights on which Miles are not earned Learn more

Turkish Airlines reserves the right to fully or partially exclude certain fares, payment and/or passenger categories from the Miles&Smiles program upon reasonable prior notice.

Miles statements Learn more

All members will receive regular statements via the e-mail addresses recorded on their Miles&Smiles profile, showing their current mileage balance and further information on the Miles&Smiles program. Statements showing the earning and use of Miles will be issued monthly; otherwise a bi-annual statement will be sent to a member's registered e-mail address. Statements will not be posted. These statements and other documents related to the Miles&Smiles program may not be sent to members who have not recorded any activity on their account during the past year. Members can see an account summary online by entering their membership number and PIN code, or can request this information via SMS. Turkish Airlines will send all announcements and information related to the program to the e-mail supplied by the member on the program registration form. This information will not be sent to e-mail addresses not registered under the Miles&Smiles program. 

Announcements will also be made at Members are responsible for following these announcements, and should advise Turkish Airlines of changes to postal and e-mail addresses. Turkish Airlines is not liable for members not receiving information where personal information and addresses have not been updated. 

Turkish Airlines reserves the right to announce information only via e-mail or on the Miles&Smiles website, not in writing. Members are considered to have accepted the announcements regarding program participation and their Miles if they do not submit an objection within three weeks of the announcement date. Members cannot request compensation for any damages resulting from the non-delivery of Miles&Smiles information.

Evaluation of appeals and alteration of records Learn more

Turkish Airlines is the sole authority in evaluating any appeals relating to a member's Miles balance and in determining whether Miles have been earned or not. Turkish Airlines reserves the right to revoke any Miles which appear to have been credited to an account in error. Turkish Airlines reserves the right to demand a refund of Miles credited in error and subsequently used by any member, and the right to take legal action for compensation for such Miles if and when necessary.


Award types Learn more

The awards offered under the Miles&Smiles program include award tickets, upgrades and other arrangements defined by Turkish Airlines. Only award tickets may be booked online. Upgrades for Turkish Airlines flights cannot be booked online. Online upgrades on Turkish Airlines and other Star Alliance member airline flights are only permitted for specific booking classes.

Award/Miles tables Learn more

Tables illustrating the awards offered and the number of Miles needed for them are available at the Miles&Smiles website and for its call centers. Turkish Airlines reserves the right to alter these tables with reasonable prior notice.

Use of awards Learn more

When using awards, a member must make the related reservation through the Turkish Airlines reservation call center, website, sales office. If a member does not make it clear that they wish to make a flight or service reservation using a Miles&Smiles award, Turkish Airlines may refuse to apply said award.

Restrictions in the use of awards Learn more

Awards may be subject to certain quotas, date limits and other limitations determined by Turkish Airlines. Extra regulations or changes may be implemented for the earning or use of particular awards. 

Miles&Smiles program rules are applied to Miles&Smiles award tickets issued for other Star Alliance member airline flights or combined with Star Alliance member airlines flights, unless otherwise indicated.

Validity of Turkish Airlines general conditions of carriage of passengers and baggage Learn more

For any tickets awarded under the Miles&Smiles program, the member will be subject to the Turkish Airlines general conditions of carriage of passengers and baggage. Unless otherwise stated in program documentation, periodic announcements or other Miles&Smiles information, members using award tickets will have the same rights as other passengers. 

While using award tickets with other airlines, members will be subject to that airline's general conditions.

Using awards for others Learn more

Members may have awards issued to any other individual, as long as this is not in return for any payment in cash or in kind.

Issuing of awards Learn more

An award can be issued only if the requested award exists and if the member has enough Miles in their account for the requested award. Awards expire one year after being issued and cannot be transferred, replaced and/or extended, and cannot be combined with any other means of payment.

Transfer of Miles Learn more

Miles earned under the Miles&Smiles program cannot be transferred to or combined with any other frequent flyer program. 

Purchase of Bonus Miles: All Miles&Smiles members can benefit from the purchase of Miles. Purchased Miles and fees for purchased Miles are non-refundable. Members can purchase up to a maximum of 50,000 Miles on their accounts, or for any other members’ accounts within each calendar year. Purchased Miles are subject to the terms and conditions of the Miles&Smiles program. A minimum of 1000 Miles can be purchased. Miles purchased online are immediately credited to the member’s account. For Miles sales made through the website, mobile application, call center and sales offices, there must be at least 1 flight that has been automatically registered (at check-in or reservation) within the last 1 year in the membership account to purchase Miles. (Flight: Mile-awarding Star Alliance Airlines and Turkish Airlines flights)

Transfer of Miles: All Miles&Smiles members may transfer Miles. There is no upper or lower limit on the number of Miles that can be transferred. Members may transfer as many Miles as they wish. All unused Miles may be transferred. Any transferred Miles will not affect the membership status of the receiving party. Miles are valid for three years after the transfer date. Transferred Miles may be transferred again. Sales value of Miles transfer; The fee for transferring Miles is 20 USD for the first 1,000 Miles. Fees include VAT. Transferred Miles and transfer fees are non-refundable. Miles can only be transferred via our website. Transferred Miles are subject to the terms and conditions of the Miles&Smiles program. Transferred Miles are immediately credited to the receiving member’s account. SMS and e-mail confirmations will be sent after transfer.


Issuing of award tickets Learn more

Award tickets can be issued through our website, mobile apps, call center or at our sales offices with a proof of valid ID.

Award tickets do not earn Miles Learn more

Journeys made using award tickets do not earn any Miles.

Required number of Miles for an award Learn more

The necessary number of Miles must be available in a member's account in order to request an award ticket. Award tickets cannot be issued if there is an insufficient number of Miles in the member's account. The number of Miles required for award tickets is the same for adults and children. For infants younger than two years of age, a prize ticket worth 10% of the adult mile value will be arranged.

Validity of award tickets Learn more

Award tickets expire one year after the date of initial issue. These tickets may not be transferred, nor may they be extended. They may not be combined with any other payment type or with any other promotional/discounted tickets. Miles may not be pooled with those of the other members to obtain a single award.

Reservation class of award tickets Learn more

In order for award tickets to be issued, reservations must be made and approved in the "award ticket" class. Award tickets cannot be issued in cases where the outbound/inbound journey reservation has not been approved. The options available for retail tickets (the purchasing window/issuing time limits) apply to Miles&Smiles award tickets, however airport options will not be provided for award tickets.

Miles taken into account when issuing award tickets Learn more

There are two types of award tickets issued under the Miles&Smiles program: "Capacity Controlled Award Tickets" and "Seat Guaranteed Award Tickets".

Capacity controlled award tickets Learn more

A reservation can only be made if and when the respective classes are available. The related reservation classes concerning "Capacity Controlled Award Tickets" are X (for Economy Class) and I (for Business Class). The required Miles for "Capacity Controlled Award Tickets" are lower than the required Miles for "Seat Guaranteed Award Tickets". The use of award tickets in this class depends solely on seat capacity limits. The use of award tickets may not be possible for certain destinations and during certain seasons. 

Award tickets to be issued in combination with Turkish Airlines and a Star Alliance member airline can only be booked in "Capacity Controlled Award Ticket" booking classes. Combined award tickets are subject to the Star Alliance award table and Star Alliance award regulations. 

Turkish Airlines reserves the right to apply certain capacity controls or other restrictions to “Capacity Controlled Award Tickets”. 

Furthermore, blackout dates are applied by certain Star Alliance member airlines.

Seat guaranteed award tickets Learn more

"Seat Guaranteed Award Tickets" are not subject to any restrictions and are available as long as there is space on a flight. 

On Turkish Airlines flights, "Seat Guaranteed Award Tickets" reservation classes are X (for Economy Class) and I (for Business Class). 

The award classes mentioned above (X, Z, I) may vary and Turkish Airlines reserves the right to make changes to the related classes.

Right to make changes to an award ticket application, Miles not earned using awards, and other restrictions Learn more

• Turkish Airlines reserves the right to make changes to award ticket and upgrade award charts. 

• Journeys made or services purchased using awards do not earn Miles. 

• Award tickets may be subject to date, capacity, route and other restrictions to be determined by Turkish Airlines. Award tickets should be issued immediately after the reservation is confirmed. 

• A maximum of 6 flight legs are permitted for award tickets reserved online. 

• The same destination airport should not appear more than once in either of the outbound or inbound sections of an itinerary. 

• Stopover (a stop lasting more than 24 hours): One stopover is permitted for award tickets to be used on Turkish Airlines flights. However, a stopover is not permitted for award tickets issued online. 

• The stopover rule may vary according to the Star Alliance award table. 

• Award tickets can be used on scheduled Turkish Airlines flights only. 

• Award ticket reservations made online can only be used for Turkish Airlines flights, and cannot be used with partner airline combination tickets. 

• Upgrades cannot be booked online (except for Star Alliance upgrade awards). 

• Miles&Smiles members can request award tickets for their relatives or any other individuals online by using Miles from their account, provided that they are traveling together. This can be done for a maximum of five people, including the member using their Miles.

Open-jaw journeys on award tickets Learn more

Where a passenger intends to return to their original departure destination from a point other than their first arrival destination (e.g. London>Rome, Milan>London) or where a passenger intends to return to a different final return destination (London>Rome, Rome>Manchester), these are classed as open-jaw journeys. Only one of these may be made on an award ticket. Open-jaw journeys are not available for award tickets issued online. Open-jaw policies on award tickets issued by other Star Alliance member airlines may vary.

Non-attendance and non-presentation of documents Learn more

A no-show fee will be charged if a member holding a reserved seat fails to board a booked flight for any reason, or fails to present the necessary documents for the flight (no-show).

Electronic award ticket Learn more

Miles&Smiles members may book their e-tickets online and proceed directly to the check-in desk without a paper ticket. The credit card used for payment during the online reservation and a valid identity card must be presented during check-in. Miles will be deducted from a members account as soon as a reservation has been approved.

Processing fees Learn more

Changes to travel dates, times or routes (which can only be applied to Turkish Airlines flights provided that the reservation is made for the same award zone, season and award class), and the refunding of Miles for unused award tickets (i.e. tickets on which neither the outward nor the return coupon has been used) or an upgrade reservations will be subject to processing fees. 

Turkish Airlines sales offices are authorized to make changes to awards issued under the Miles&Smiles program. Changes to award tickets and the refunding of Miles cannot be carried out where no Turkish Airlines sales office exists.


Classic plus, elite and elite plus membership Learn more

In addition to the awards listed in Section 4 above, Miles&Smiles members can qualify for Classic Plus, Elite, Elite Plus Miles&Smiles memberships, and enjoy additional benefits (depending on membership status).

Miles taken into account for membership tier Learn more

In order to qualify for Classic Plus, Elite and Elite Plus Miles&Smiles membership, Miles earned on Turkish Airlines domestic and international flights as well as those earned with other partner airlines will be included in calculations. These Miles will be listed separately as Status Miles on Miles&Smiles statements. In addition to the awards stated in Section 4 above, Status Miles can be used to qualify for Classic Plus, Elite and Elite Plus Miles&Smiles membership. Bonus Miles, on the other hand, may only be exchanged for awards, and do not count towards Classic Plus, Elite, Elite Plus Miles&Smiles membership qualification.

Conditions of membership tiers Learn more

To qualify for Classic Plus, Elite or Elite Plus Miles&Smiles memberships, members must collect a minimum number of program Miles within twelve consecutive months. For membership in a particular tier to be extended, the number of Miles earned within twelve consecutive months or over the last two years will be taken into account. In addition, a certain number of flights within the relevant periods is a criteria beside Status Miles for only Classic Plus status.


Taxes and other charges Learn more

Turkish Airlines accepts no liability for any taxes or other charges to which members or third parties may be subject in connection with benefits received under the Miles&Smiles program.

Confidentiality Learn more

Turkish Airlines reserves the right to use member information within the context of the Miles&Smiles program and/or share it with program partners. A member is deemed to have accepted the above as of the beginning of membership.

I accept the use of my personal data in marketing activities for the creation and promotion of services personalized for me. Please find detailed information about processing of your personal data within Miles&Smiles activities on Turkish Airlines Privacy Notice For Miles&Smiles and Turkish Airlines GDPR Privacy Notice For Miles&Smiles*

*if you are subject to GDPR

Responsibility of notification Learn more

It is the sole responsibility of members to inform third parties or companies (such as their employer) who have paid for tickets or other services of any Miles earned as a result.

National legislation Learn more

In some countries, local law may impose restrictions on the general terms and conditions of the Miles&Smiles program. Turkish Airlines reserves the right to take any action required to ensure compliance with such restrictions. Members may not request compensation for any damages which arise as a result of such changes.

Abuse of awards Learn more

Miles&Smiles Classic, Classic Plus, Elite and Elite Plus members who contravene the general terms and conditions of Miles&Smiles membership, misuse program awards or attempt to obtain benefits by providing false information (especially with regard to flight data), may - in addition to any compensatory damages which may arise from such actions - have their Miles&Smiles membership terminated by Turkish Airlines (as specified in 1.4), and have any Miles and/or awards already obtained declared invalid. A member must pay compensation for misused awards. This is the highest fee of the retail ticket equivalent of the award. Turkish Airlines reserves the right to seek compensation for remaining damages.

Contravention of the General Terms and Conditions Learn more

Any award documents obtained illegally or in contravention of the General Terms and Conditions will not be honored.

Turkish Airlines’ right to make changes to the program, renunciation of awards, and restriction of responsibility Learn more

Turkish Airlines reserves the right to wholly or partially change or to terminate the Miles&Smiles program and/or any collaboration with partners under the Miles&Smiles program at any time, with reasonable prior notice. Any amendments or additions to the general terms and conditions of the Miles&Smiles program shall become binding for all members as soon as the related information is announced at any sales office of Turkish Airlines, by a Miles&Smiles call center, on the Miles&Smiles website or on the statements sent to members via e-mail. Therefore, collected Miles or awards shall not constitute a vested interest on the part of the member. Turkish Airlines does not guarantee the availability of awards, guarantee that a member will be able to use their award on the desired flight, or always require the same number of Miles for the same awards. Turkish Airlines is the sole holder of the right of disposition related to the Miles&Smiles program. In case Turkish Airlines grants periodical awards or implements other practices contrary to the principles of the program; grants additional periodical rights; or fails to or delays in exercising any of its rights under the program, or in requiring a member's compliance with any of program conditions, this shall not be construed as a waiver of the right of disposition over the program or a waiver of the right to require a member's compliance with any of the rules that they are bound by. Nor shall such exceptional practices be deemed to have granted a member or other persons additional rights, to have amended the program principles or to constitute a precedent for similar practices. The rule governing the limitation of liability in the Turkish Airlines General Conditions of Carriage (Passenger and Baggage) shall also apply to this program. In case of breach of program conditions, liability shall be limited to direct material damages, and Turkish Airlines shall not be held liable for moral damages or indirect damages.

Right to entrust the program Learn more

Turkish Airlines reserves the right to entrust the operation of the Miles&Smiles program to successor companies or to a third party, and to transfer the agreements made with the program's members to said successor companies or third party to that end. Members will be given reasonable notice of any such development.


Governing law and jurisdiction Learn more

The interpretation, implementation and dispute resolution of the Miles&Smiles program are subject to Turkish Law, and the Istanbul Courts and Execution Offices are authorized in dispute resolution. However, Turkish Airlines reserves the right pursue legal action through any other competent court within a jurisdiction.