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Program Partners - Elite World Hotels

Elite World Hotels

About Elite World Hotels

Elite World Hotels offer you the comfort of home at Elite World Prestige (4* Superior) and Elite World Istanbul (5*) situated in the modern center of Istanbul at Taksim Talimhane, Elite World Business (5*) situated in Florya, Elite World Europe (5*) in Basin Ekspres İstanbul, Elite World Van (5*) situated in the center of Van, Elite World Marmaris situated in Marmaris Icmeler and Elite World Sapanca Convention & Wellness Resort in the heart of nature, Sapanca. You will enjoy extensive accommodation facilities at Elite World Hotels with high quality standards for your business and leisure travels. You will find comfort, elegance, security and modern technological infrastructure all in one - - 444 0 883

Elite World Club Card members can earn 500 Miles for their stay at Elite World Hotels

To become a member;

Terms and conditions

  • The campaign is for Miles&Smiles members with an Elite World Club Card. Guests without Elite World Club Card membership can sign up for the card on or fill in the application form at the hotel’s front desk to benefit from the campaign.
  • Members will need to show their Miles&Smiles cards and Elite World Club Card during check-in to earn Miles from their stay.
  • Reservations for day use are not eligible for Miles redemption.
  • Miles&Smiles members will be awarded Miles ‘’per stay’’ for one or more consecutive nights. Long stays consisting of consecutive days are considered as one stay.
  • If more than one Miles&Smiles member shares a hotel room, only one member can earn Miles for this stay.
  • In order to earn Miles, you need to present your Miles&Smiles card during check-in at the hotel.
  • It may take a certain time for your hotel stay to be credited into your account.
  • In case of any problem, please contact the hotel with your receipt.