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Reservation Terms and Conditions


  • What is a reservation? 

It is the process of fixing the fare of a selected flight or any flights for a specified time period. A reservation can be made in return for a payment of the determined fee for the selected reservation.

  • What is ticketing? 

It is the payment of a full fare of a flight reservation and acquisition of the right to fly on the flight.

Reservation process 

  • For all connecting flights via Turkish Airlines or partner (codeshare) flights, online reservations are available in return for the payment of the reservation fee.
  • On Turkish Airlines and partner (codeshare), airline flights a deposit payment is required for flight reservations. Invoice for the reservation payment can only be produced in cases where reservation is incomplete or in the case that the reservation has been canceled by the customer. In cases where the reservation fee is refunded, there is no invoice arrangement.
  • For Miles&Smiles members to benefit from reservation free of charge, it is required that the member join the flight. Passengers traveling with a member that is using the free of charge reservation option may also make a reservation free of charge. In case there is more than one member using the free of charge reservation option, the advantage of the member with the highest status is valid for all other passengers traveling with that member.

Ticketing process 

  • The currency in which the payment will be made must be selected during the reservation process. It is not possible to change the currency during the ticketing process.
  • Check reservation information and complete the ticketing process via the “Ticket management” menu on the homepage or from the “Check-in / Ticket management” field on the homepage.
  • You may find out the rules applicable to the reservations not completed via our website or our mobile application through Turkish Airlines call centre and sales offices.
  • Flight reservations made via our website or mobile application can only be done through Turkish Airlines' online channels. Extra service fees may apply for ticketing transactions outside of online channels. Also, the fee paid for the reservation is not refundable.
  • The legal and promotional rights for the flight are earned upon completion of the ticketing process.
  • The rules stated during the reservation process apply for reissue and cancellations after the reservation of the flight.

Reservation expiration and fee refund 

  • The fee paid during the reservation process is refunded upon completion of the ticketing process.
  • The reservation must be ticketed within the specified time period. If reissue or cancellation is not made on online channels, the reservation fee is nonrefundable.
  • The refund of the reservation fee can only be made in two instances; It is valid in exceptional circumstances which may result in the completion of the ticketing process or the refund of the ticket.
  • If there are more than one PNRs for the same flight or passengers: One PNR is left and all the other bookings are cancelled by the system. A refund is not available for the cancelled bookings.
  • Turkish Airlines reserves the right to change ticket prices in the time period between reservation and ticketing without notice.
  • In case of a schedule change or changes made for an extraordinary reason on a flight reservation, the fee paid for the reservation is refunded via Turkish Airlines sales offices or call center. If passengers accept the proposed new flight, the reservation fee can only be refunded through ticketing.
  • It is not possible to make changes to the reservation, extend the reservation period or cancel the reservation through our website or mobile application.

Other additional services 

  • Additional services such as flight-related paid seat selection and extra baggage claim can only be purchased after ticketing. It is not possible to purchase these services during the reservation