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Pets allowed on board

  • Pet transportation is not included in the free baggage allowance and is subject to a fee.
  • A reservation must be completed and confirmed at least six hours prior to the flight in order to transport a pet either in the cabin or in the aircraft hold. Even if a request to travel with a pet is granted during the booking process, it may be denied at the airport.
  • The number of pets that can be carried on the plane varies depending on the aircraft type. Except for shipments via Turkish Cargo, a maximum of two pet carriers are permitted for each passenger. However, only one carrier may be carried in the cabin; the other is subjected to AVIH (carriage in the cargo section of the aircraft). Alternatively, both pets can be transported in the aircraft’s cargo section.
  • For in-cabin transport, the combined weight of the pet and its carrier cannot exceed 8 kilograms; the carrier’s dimensions cannot exceed 23 centimeters in height, 30 centimeters in width, and 40 centimeters in length. Pets exceeding the specified weight and dimensions must be transported in the aircraft’s cargo section in a hard-surface carrier or cage.
  • Pets permitted in the cabin must be transported in hard-sided carriers/bags or specially manufactured soft-sided cages/bags. The carrier/bag must have 2.5-centimeter-diameter ventilation holes for air circulation on at least three sides. The covers/zippers of carriers/bags must be closed throughout the flight.
  • Veterinary approval is required to transport kittens/puppies that are younger than 10 weeks or not weaned, and their nursing mothers. Veterinary approval is also required to transport kittens/puppies between 10 and 12 weeks old. Pregnant pets are not accepted on flights. 
  • Passengers bear sole responsibility for their pet’s health and safety, as well as management and compliance with the conditions and approvals required by governments, including regulations, entry and exit permits, health certificates of countries, and any restrictions imposed by states, regions or relevant authorities.
  • Cats and dogs or cats and birds are not permitted to travel on the same aircraft, even in different cabins. Dogs and birds can be transported as efficiently as possible in the same or different cabins.
  • Please review the "Transportation of animals sharing the same cage in the cargo section of the aircraft" section on the "Cargo section transportation" page for rules pertaining to multiple pets in a single carrier. Exceptionally, on flights from Moldova and Ukraine to the United States, only one carrier per passenger (with a maximum of two animals of the same breed/siblings) is permitted.
  • If a passenger states that they are allergic to pets prior to the flight and provides a valid doctor's report, the pet's entry into the passenger cabin is subject to the following conditions:
    • According to the rules of the United States Department of Transportation: When a passenger with allergies and a passenger with a service dog wish to board the same aircraft, the passenger with the service dog has priority and does not require a reservation.
    • Admission to a flight is determined according to reservation priority in cases where a passenger with allergies and a passenger with a pet wish to board the same aircraft.
    • Admission to the flight is determined by reservation priority except in the following cases: flights within the United States; and when passengers traveling with a service dog (other than a search and rescue dog) and a passenger who reports having an allergy wish to travel on the same aircraft,
  • Fees and restrictions for bringing pets aboard AnadoluJet flights may vary.

Flight allowance in weight or piece by region

  • This page has a list of regions that have a weight rating in kilograms for the transport of pets.
  • You can access the list of regions where pet transportation is evaluated according to weight in kilograms on this page.
  • On this page, you can access a list of regions that have been evaluated in terms of piece baggage for pet transportation.