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At Turkish Airlines, we offer several options to enable our passengers to complete their check-in procedures quickly and without any hitches. You, too, can enjoy trouble-free check-in, either in the airport at our check-in desk or self-service kiosks, on our website using your computer, tablet, or smartphone, or using our mobile app.

Online check-in

If you have already checked in online, you can save time by going straight to the baggage desk without having to wait in the line at the other counters and just hand in your baggage. If you check in online using our website or mobile app, you can send your mobile boarding pass to your telephone. When you check in online using our website, you can also get a printout of your online boarding pass. As check-in options may vary according to airport, we recommend that you read through check-in options at airports.

If you have already checked in on our website or using our mobile app, you need to arrive at the airport at least 1 hour before takeoff for domestic flights, and at least 2 hours before takeoff for international flights. Online check-in starts 24 hours before flights and ends 90 minutes before take-off.
You can visit our Frequently Asked page for any questions.

Check-in desk

Just as you can check in using one of our online facilities, you can also experience a trouble-free and speedy check-in at one of our airport check-in desks using the following steps:

  1. Go to the Turkish Airlines check-in desk at the airport. Here you will meet our ground services staff.
  2. Show all your travel documents such as ID and passport to our Turkish Airlines check-in desk staff along with any other documents relating to special circumstances, for example doctor’s notes. Passengers who have bought discount tickets must at this point show the documentation that qualifies them for the discount to our staff.
  3. If there are no issues with your documents, our staff will check your baggage and take it from you. If you have exceeded your baggage allowance, excess baggage procedures will be applied. For more detailed information, please visit our baggage page.
  4. Once your baggage has been processed, our staff will give you your boarding pass and direct you to your boarding gate.

During check-in, as well as your national ID, you can also use your driver license, passport, or marriage certificate as proof of identity.

Check-in facilities at airports close 45 minutes before take-off for domestic flights and 60 minutes before take-off for international flights. This rule may vary according to the customs of local authorities at some stations.

*The check-in counters at Caracas station close 120 minutes before.
Preferential Check-in with Business Class

Preferential check-in with Business Class

If you have chosen to travel in Business Class, you can enjoy extra privileges during check-in. You can avoid the lines and gain time by checking in at one of our special Business Class desks at the airport.
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