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Budget Rent a Car offers you great value for money and 500 MILES per rental! 

We’re giving 500 Miles* for each rental made at any EMEA ( Europe, Middle East and Africa) Budget location . All you have to do is present your Miles&Smiles Card at the rental location to get your Miles…simple! 

PLUS if you need car hire in Türkiye you can benefit from a discounted rate. Remember to quote BCD number L143600 when booking your rental. 

For reservations & information, call us NOW on: +90 212 444 4 722 


To book online, click here


* Rentals on other discounts, corporate rates and tour operator rates are not eligible. 

Please click to claim your missing Miles for Budget

Please remember:

  • Miles cannot be collected on rentals at 'special discount' rates.
  • In order to collect Miles, you need to present your Miles&Smiles card at the time of car rental.
  • Car rental from a branch office or at different branch offices in consecutive days are considered as one rental.
  • Car rentals only made under the name of the member's own name will earn Miles. It may take a certain period of time for your car rental to be credited into your account. In case of any problems, please contact partner car rental company with your receipt.

Terms and conditions – Earning Miles:

  • You earn a minimum of 500 Miles for each rental. In addition, you can earn more Miles when renting for longer:
    • 1500 Miles in rentals over 3 days in the Economy group
    • 2500 Miles in rentals over 3 days in the Luxury Group
    • 500 Miles in rentals of less than 3 days!
  • To qualify for additional Miles, reservations must be made using this Miles&Smiles/Budget Discount (BCD) number: L226300
  • A Miles&Smiles member may enter the information required for reservation via the link
  • Miles&Smiles members can view the special prices and create a reservation after entering the information requested for booking on the Budget website.
  • If any other BCD number is present in the rental reservation no Miles will be awarded. To qualify for Miles, the first named driver (the "renter") must present their Miles&Smiles membership number in rental.
  • This promotion is only valid for separate rentals and not rentals with consecutive rental rates.
  • Rentals made using Budget's contracted (corporate/government) rates/BCDs, chauffeur drive, or van rentals do not qualify for Miles&Smiles Miles. Travel industry staff rates including Turkish Airlines and Budget employee programs, replacement/insurance rates, selected association programs, and net rate programs do not qualify for Miles.
  • This promotion is not valid in Prestige rentals worldwide.
  • The awarding of Miles&Smiles Miles may take up to 8 weeks from date of the rental closing.
  • This promotion and all Miles&Smiles Miles issued are subject to Miles&Smiles terms and conditions.

Payment Methods

  • Total rental fee and assurance amounts are collected in advance at the beginning of the rent from the credit card of the person who rented the vehicle. Double credit cards must be presented for Group I, L, K and E vehicles.
  • Any invoice amount difference that might occur at the end of the rent is collected from or refunded to the same credit card. Holder of the credit card must be present in person during the rental.
  • It is not allowed to rent a car with a credit card issued to another person. In addition to the rental fee, an amount, ranging between 500 and 3750 TL, will be collected as a deposit or pre-provision block, based on the group of vehicles to be rented, from the credit card presented by the customer. Therefore, the credit card must have enough limit (equal to the total amount of rental fee and deposit).
  • The amounts collected or blocked as down payments will be refunded to the same credit card or the blockage will be removed at the end of rental period, after the fees, if any, for additional services, guarantees, fuel, damages, fines, etc., which are not included in the reservation.