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Earn Miles on Your Hotel Reservations in Türkiye with Jolly!

Plan your accommodation in Türkiye with Jolly and earn 2 Miles for every 1 Euro you spend! 

Miles&Smiles and Jolly make your travels around Türkiye advantageous for you. You can find all the domestic hotel options you are looking for, from all-inclusive concept hotels to boutique hotels and city hotels, at Jolly. Business trip, honeymoon, seaside holiday or thermal hotel... Book the accommodation you need with Jolly and earn 2 Miles for every 1 Euro you spend!

Terms / conditions for Jolly Domestic Hotel reservations and earning Miles

  • Earning Miles for Jolly hotel reservations is possible for reservations made via the links on Turkish Airlines online platforms, where the Turkish Airlines and Jolly logos are clearly visible on the top of the page, or via Miles&Smiles members will not earn extra Miles for reservations made directly through the website.
  • Members must enter the 9-digit Miles&Smiles membership number (e.g., TK123456789) on the page where the hotel reservation is completed in order to earn Miles for their hotel stays. Miles cannot be earned without entering a valid Miles&Smiles number or for reservations made incorrectly.
  • It is not possible to process your previous missing Miles.
  • Miles are credited to the member's account within 8-12 weeks from the end of the hotel
  • In case of accommodation in the same hotel, more than one Miles&Smiles account cannot be logged into the system.
  • If more than one Miles&Smiles member stays in the same hotel room, Bonus Miles are only credited to the Miles&Smiles membership account number entered at the time of booking.
  • In case of an agreement between the hotel and Miles&Smiles, the terms and conditions of will apply to earning Miles.
  • To earn miles, the member must have completed the relevant accommodation service. Members cannot earn Miles if they make a reservation and do not come to the hotel (no-show) or cancel the reservation.
  • Jolly terms and conditions are applied for accommodation.
  • 2 Miles are earned for every 1 euro spent on reservations.
  • You can contact Customer Services at 0850 222 76 85 for reservation and mileage details.
  • Jolly and Miles&Smiles reserve the right to change the terms of earning miles.

You can sign up to Miles&Smiles free of charge for your holiday plans and benefit from additional privileges.