Options rules

Turkish Airlines options are configured automatically, based on the destination, travel class, and country in which the reservation is made.

As soon as a reservation is made, the Trophy system sends the appropriate option to the reservation code along with a notification message. The message contains the day and time information relating to the option.

If the Advance Purchase/Advance Ticketing rule applies to our fares, the restricted option will always be valid even if a longer option has been allotted by the Trophy system.

If no ticket notification is received by the end of the options period, all segments in the PNR are canceled by Turkish Airlines without any further notice.

The Income Management Section may cancel PNRs for which no ticket notification has been received by the end of the options period without giving any prior notice.

For BSP countries, Trophy only accepts electronic (TKNE) ticket notifications as valid tickets. Ticket notifications using any code other than TKNE are processed as invalid tickets. It is therefore extremely important to observe the correct procedures in line with IATA regulations in order to avoid undesired cancellations and ensure customer satisfaction.

Trophy HL-KL procedure

On June 16, 2010, a new procedure was initiated on Trophy.

According to this procedure, in order for KL to be processed on PNRs with a FONE field, following the confirmation of standby segments attached to the IRC-2 ticketing option, the option must be given as IRC-1 and the PNR will be QEP’d to Q no. 1 of the office in the FONE field.

When the options period allotted by Trophy comes to an end, unprocessed KL segments will automatically become DL. It is important to monitor options, as a different option will be given for each KL segment.

Group reservations

Group definition
A group is defined as 10 or more passengers traveling together on the same route.

Name changes in group reservations

The complete passenger list must be finalized 30 days before the flight. The finalized group PNR must contain the following information: 

  • Ticket number
  • Fare basis
  • Passenger contact details

Group requests can be dealt with at our local sales offices.