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Fly Good Feel Good, the new project of Turkish Airlines, addresses all actions to be taken before, during and after flight in order to make passengers have a good flight in all aspects based on a good flight experience. 

The project intends bringing a breath of fresh air to the concept of flight based on customer satisfaction. Turkish Airlines put the project into effect by considering needs of patients, who are guided in many issues, ranging from pre-flight preparation, cabin exercises and sleep pattern to yoga and meditation – all posing positive influences on the flight. Each issue is addressed by experts of relevant fields under supervision of Halit Yerebakan, M.D., and advices on your flight experience are explained in detail. 

In the initial phase of the project, advices include various topics, including 9 informative videos accessed over in-flight entertainment systems, flight with babies and children, in-flight nutrition, flight during pregnancy, means to alleviate effects of jetlag, preventing ear and nose congestion during flight and in-flight exercises. In subsequent periods, new videos will be added and unique tips on all phases of flight exercises will be covered under this roof. 

Issues addressed within context of Fly Good Feel Good covers all details that are not only related to your flight, but may be needed in the entire travel. Therefore, constant access to details is paid attention while the project is designed. In this context, various communication channels, such as web site and social media, help passengers access to all details easily. The intent is to help you on many issues that you may need at any time of the travel, no matter at which region of the world you are in. 

All details of the project are available in web site and social media accounts of Turkish Airlines.