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Do you want to offset your flight’s carbon emissions?

We love to fly around the world, but we are also aware of the environmental impact of air travel. That’s why we invite you to offset the carbon emissions from your flight.

Making our unique journeys sustainable is now possible.

How to offset the carbon footprint of your flight

Identification of flight information

Calculation of carbon footprint

The equivalent of the calculated emission amount

Completion of the process and certificate

Calculate your carbon footprint!

We calculate the carbon footprint of flights using real flight data and the most accepted ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) carbon emission calculation methodology in the world. You can calculate your carbon footprint on our website.

Frequently asked questions

What are carbon offsetting and carbon credits? Read more

Carbon offsetting is a mechanism in which carbon footprint resulting from an activity such as air travel is compensated by removing or reducing it elsewhere. In other words, it is a program where passengers can reimburse their flight-based carbon footprint via carbon credit purchases from worldwide certified credit-generating climate change and social development projects. One carbon offset credit is equivalent to one metric ton of carbon dioxide reduction.

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What is a flight-based carbon footprint? Read more

Flight-based carbon footprint represents the individual share of the total emissions caused by a single flight.

Within the scope of this program, exclusively CO2 is offset, which is known to have an immense

As the CO2mission, we use the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) methodology to calculate the emissions share of each passenger.

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How is flight-based carbon footprint being calculated? Read more

We calculate your flight-based carbon footprint by using real flight data and the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) carbon emission calculation methodology, one of the most approved methodologies globally.

Our carbon footprint calculation software includes many factors such as route distance, aircraft type, load factor, flight class, and fuel consumption to achieve the most reliable results in its measurement. Flight-related carbon footprint may vary according to various parameters such as weather conditions, flight route, and weight. Our algorithm returns the result, which is the closest value to the carbon footprint of your flight.

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How can I make my flight carbon-neutral? Read more

Passengers are offered different options for carbon offsetting.

The first option is to offset the amount equivalent to your carbon footprint calculated using the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) methodology (considered as one of the industry-specific calculation methodologies) based on our previous comprehensive flight data. The offsetting process is completed after paying the carbon credit fee corresponding to this calculated amount. The amount to be paid may vary depending on the project types specific to the chosen portfolio.

Another option is to offset a fixed amount. This option suggests the opportunity to offset less or more than the calculated carbon footprint.

You can become carbon-neutral by entering the information below in a few steps with environment-friendly flights. In addition, you can easily offset emissions on behalf of other passengers.

  • Enter your flight details (departure and destination),
  • Select your preferred project bundle to contribute,
  • After your selection, proceed with entering your personal information,
  • Choose a payment option,
  • Get your certificate once the payment is made.

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Can I offset my flights with different airlines service-providers? Read more

You can offset your flight-based carbon footprint through this program, which is implemented for the entire aviation industry: By providing the relevant departure/arrival airport and flight class information, you may also use this program for flights operated by different airline service providers.

How are my carbon offset purchases utilized? Read more

All management-related expenses for the development & operation of the program are covered by Turkish Airlines. Turkish Airlines does not charge any fees over the overall offsetting price.

Within the program's scope, all payments are made directly to our project partner Semtrio. 85% of the price you pay is directed to carbon offset projects to buy carbon credits, and the remaining 15% is used by Semtrio to cover operational expenses and other transfer-based transaction costs.

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What are the carbon offset projects? Read more

In general terms, carbon offsetting projects are developed to contribute to the fight against climate change and help social development by generating offset credits with international validity.

Our portfolio consists of Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and Gold Standard (GS) validated carbon offset projects that comply with global standards and are in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The VCS Program is the world's most widely used standard for voluntary emission reduction.

More than 200 million tons of carbon and other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere have been reduced or eliminated to this day, thanks to over 1300 certified VCS projects. On the other hand, Gold Standard has more than 1400 certified carbon offset projects in more than 80 countries. A project with Gold Standard certification must have clear contributions to sustainable development (local and global environment, social and technological development).

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are 17 universal goals that holistically address common issues such as climate change, economic inequality, innovation, sustainable consumption, peace, and justice.

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Which projects can I contribute? Read more

This program offers 3 different portfolios of carbon offset projects. You can explore each portfolio to view project details and contribute to your preferred option.

  • Renewables - This portfolio includes wind, hydroelectric, and solar power projects.
  • Greener World - This portfolio includes renewable energy and afforestation projects.
  • Community Care - This portfolio includes renewable energy and social development projects.

You can visit our website for up-to-date project details.

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Can I get a certificate for my carbon offsets? Read more

After your carbon offsetting is completed, you can view the certificate containing the details of the project you contributed. At the same time, your certificate will be sent to the e-mail address you provided during the offset process.

Users who sign up for the carbon offsetting platform can access their online certificates anytime they wish.

You can show your support for the emission reduction project you contributed by sharing your carbon offsetting certificate with your friends. In this way, you can encourage them to act and join your journey to a more sustainable Earth.

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Can I get an invoice after carbon offsetting process Read more

After your carbon offsetting is completed successfully, your invoice containing the transaction summary and your offset certificate will be sent to the e-mail address you provided. Depending on the country's legislation, you can use your invoice for tax exemption purposes.

Can I gift a carbon offset? Read more

You can gift a carbon offset to a loved one and support the fight against climate change on their behalf. Enter the contact information of the person you want to send your gift to and start offsetting.

The offsetting certificate will be sent to the e-mail address you provided during the transaction.

How can I keep track of my carbon offsets? Read more

Users who sign up for the CO2mission program can access their previous offsetting transactions and the details of the projects they contributed to by going to the profile tab of their account.

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Can I cancel my carbon offset purchases? Read more

The contribution made within this program is directly transferred to carbon offset projects. Therefore, if your flight is not realized, canceled, or changed due to operational or personal reasons, the carbon offsetting cannot be canceled, and the paid amount cannot be refunded.

For other questions regarding carbon offsetting, you can contact us at

What other measures does Turkish Airlines hold to reduce its emission-related environmental impacts? Read more

As Turkish Airlines, we offset the emissions of our employees from all duty flights under this program. You can see our Sustainability Report for further information about our work regarding environmental, social, governance-related, and developmental action to decrease our ecological impacts and positively contribute to society.

Which currency can I use for payments? Read more

Payment transactions can be made in four different currencies: Turkish Lira (TRY), Euro (EUR), US Dollar (USD) and British Pound (GBP) through the program.