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Turkish Airlines cabin crew walking at the airport

Turkish Airlines brings elegance to the sky with the new uniforms!

After celebrating our 85 years of success, we are welcoming our new home with brand new uniforms.
Turkish Airlines cabin crew in their uniforms standing in front of the Bosphorus Bridge


The flow of Bosphorus, the uninterrupted tranquil whirling of the dervishes, the traditional curves of tile and calligraphy combined with modern touches... The “Flow” philosophy seen in our new designs is influenced by the indispensable elements of Turkish culture, and relays these images to our new uniforms perfectly.

Cabin crew, with style

Patterned fabrics complemented with gorgeous accessories create elegant combinations for the cabin crew. The domination of dark red and anthracite-gray displays an ambitious grace. The positive energy of the collection is felt at first sight.

Turkish Airlines cabin crew in their uniforms standing in front of a seller of dried nuts and fruits
Turkish Airlines stewardesses in front of miniatures

Impressive patterns

Our new uniforms incorporating patterns that reflect “Flow” philosophy are very distinct and ambitious. This pattern, which is exclusive to Turkish Airlines, brings a strong integrity to our brand’s visual identity. The flowing designs inspired by Turkish culture adorn our cabin crew’s uniforms.

Distinguishing features

With the colors differentiated in our new uniforms, we aim to let our passengers distinguish chief/attendant distinction easier. Our chief uniforms stand out with dark red while our attendant uniforms with anthracite-gray colors.

Turkish Airlines stewardesses walking on the street
Turkish Airlines steward and stewardess in their uniforms waiting in front of a taxi

Elegant accessories

Our new uniform sets include some accessories not available in previous uniforms while maintaining the design integrity. Accessories like hats, leather gloves and one-piece dresses in female uniforms and handbags and leather gloves in male uniforms enrich the collection.

Historic atmospheres, impressive shootings

The photos of the new uniforms are taken by a world famous English fashion photographer, Miles Aldridge, at different locations in Istanbul. Photographing was made at the New Airport, Çırağan Palace, Bosphorus, Abdülmecid Efendi Mansion, Balat streets and the Egyptian Bazaar. These locations, reflecting Istanbul’s historical and modern aspects, different colors and majestic beauty, created a captivating background for the new uniforms.

A Turkish Airlines stewardess in front of a miniature

Fashion designer Ettora Bilotta

The name behind the design: Ettore Bilotta

Ettore Bilotta is a professional expert in fashion design and technical illustration. Graduated from Istituto Europeo di Design Roma, the designer has prepared uniform designs for leading companies in aviation sector. Famous for his “Haute Couture” collections, Bilotta’s workshop is located in Milan.