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Award travel terms and conditions

Miles&Smiles members can book on Turkish Airlines, Star Alliance and other partner airlines. Members can also upgrade their cabin class on Turkish and partner flights using their Miles. Here you can find the all related information on the award travel offered to our Miles&Smiles members.

Award ticket

As a Miles&Smiles member you can use award tickets on flights operated by Turkish Airlines and other Star Alliance member airlines. On the condition that reservations are made and confirmed, Award tickets are valid for round-trip and one-way flights.

Use award tickets to take a holiday and discover new places, or gift them to loved ones. Just as you can have award tickets issued in your own name, you can also have them issued for family and loved ones.

Award ticket types

Under the Miles&Smiles program, award tickets for Turkish Airlines flights can be divided into two groups; "promotion award ticket" and "award ticket".

A defined number of seats will be allocated on our flights for promotion award ticket. If there is space available within this allocation, a reservation can be made. For promotion award ticket, the reservation class is X for Economy Class and I for Business Class. The Miles value of promotion award tickets lower than award tickets.

There is no allocation limit on award tickets. Just as passengers who are traveling with paid tickets, as long there is space on a flight, an award ticket can be issued.* For award tickets, the reservation class is X for Economy Class and I for Business Class. On Turkish Airlines award tickets issued in combination with Star Alliance member airlines, the reservation class will be the reservation class for promotion award tickets. Miles values provided in the Star Alliance award ticket table will apply for award tickets issued in combination.

To get more information, you can review promotion award ticket table, award ticket table and award region table via our page.

*Turkish Airlines reserves the right to limit the use of award tickets and to stop them periodically.

It's easy to fly with an award ticket!

You can issue your award ticket through our website, mobile applications and call center, or through our sales offices by showing a valid ID.

Additional expenses like airport taxes and statutory charges may be charged when award tickets are issued. Please don't forget to provide your credit card information while making a reservation in order to charge these to your credit card. Payment methods other than cash or credit card, such as MCO or vouchers, are not valid. The Miles required for your award ticket will automatically be debited from your Miles&Smiles account. You can see your remaining Miles in your account. Your award ticket should be issued within the option period provided after your reservation has been confirmed. Reservations for award tickets which are not issued will be canceled. You can collect your award ticket from one of our sales offices by presenting a valid photo ID.

Terms and conditions

  • The total Miles required for award tickets is equal for adult and child passengers.
  • The validity of award tickets is one year as of the date of issue.
  • Award tickets cannot be transferred and cannot be combined via any means of payment.
  • Miles cannot be earned on journeys made with award tickets or from any other award services.
  • Award tickets will be issued as round-trip or one-way tickets.
  • Open-jaw (tickets issued as round trip as the return is to a different destination. Example: a round trip award ticket can be an Istanbul – Berlin departure with a return trip from Hamburg - Istanbul.) can only be used once on award tickets.
  • Award tickets cannot be issued as open tickets.
  • Award ticket reservations must be made and confirmed in the award tickets class.
  • Award tickets can be upgraded in all Turkish Airlines flights in exchange of Miles or vouchers.
  • On the outbound journey or return journey, an airport cannot feature on a route more than once.
  • It may not be possible to use award tickets with partner airlines at certain times of the year. In addition, award tickets may be subject to allocation limits and other restrictions.
  • Turkish Airlines reserves the right to make changes to the award ticket tables.

Stopover: If the award ticket is used on Turkish Airlines operated flights, only one stopover is allowed in outbound or return flight.

You can now easily book your award tickets on Star Alliance partner airlines, online!

As a Miles&Smiles member, you can now issue award tickets on Turkish Airlines’ Star Alliance partners through our website. With this new service, you can enjoy the comfort of redeeming your Miles online on partner flights. Fly with Star Alliance member airlines all over the world with your Miles&Smiles Miles! To book your next trip with the Miles you have collected, just login to your Miles&Smiles account and enter the details of your dream destinations!

One-way award ticket

Terms and conditions

  • One-way award ticket Mile totals will be calculated by taking 50% of the round-trip award ticket Mile total.
  • Stopovers cannot be made with one-way award tickets. Waiting times between flights must not exceed 24 hours. In cases where waiting times exceed 24 hours, a one-way award ticket cannot be issued.
  • On one-way award tickets, the arrival point of each segment must be the same as the departure point of the next segment.
  • The departure and arrival points may not be in the same city on domestic routes, and may not be in the same country on international routes.
  • If a combined one-way award ticket for Business Class and Economy Class is requested, the required Miles for the higher class will be debuted from the member's account, and a one-way award ticket will be issued. This can only be applied if there is no Miles&Smiles feature available in the chosen flight class. It is not applicable if a Miles&Smiles feature is available in the chosen flight class but no space is available.
  • On partner flights, one-way award tickets cannot be issued where Turkish Airlines does not operate the flights.
  • One-way award tickets will be use in accordance with the order of flight legs. Unused flights on a leg will be automatically cancelled by the reservation system.
  • On condition that the region and flight class remain the same, route changes can be made to issued one-way award tickets for a fee.
  • Miles refund and reservation change fees will apply as on other Miles&Smiles award ticket features.
  • After a one-way award ticket has been issued, reservation alterations such as ticket validity period, date and time can be changed for a fee.
  • One-way tickets can be issued for AnadoluJet flights and these tickets can be combined with Turkish Airlines tickets.
  • Award tickets for AnadoluJet flights can be issued via Combine AnadoluJet and Turkish Airlines flights and have a one-way award ticket issued via
  • One-way award ticket rules which apply on Turkish Airlines flights will apply to one-way award tickets on AnadoluJet flights.
  • One-way award tickets can be issued on flights operated by other Star Alliance member airlines.
  • Miles refunds will not be issued for one-way award tickets which have had any of their flight legs used.
  • Other rules which apply to Miles&Smiles award tickets will apply to one-way award tickets.
  • The rules above will apply in full to award tickets issued via the Turkish Airlines call center and website.

Changes made to award tickets

Reservation changes 

  • If the flight is operated by Turkish Airlines, the award ticket dates or routes may be changed within 1 year of the date of issue, for an additional fee per transaction. Taxes and fees incurred as a result of route changes are paid by the member.
  • TRY 150 is collected in domestic flights and USD 70 is collected in international flights per transaction.
  • In case of no-show, reissuing costs TRY 200 in domestic flights and USD 150 for award tickets.
  • On domestic tickets with an international connection, the international change fee will be charged, even if changes are only made to the domestic reservation.

Miles refund

  • The Miles for award tickets and upgrade awards which have had no legs used may be refunded to a member's account for a fee. Refunded Miles will have the same expiration date as when they were first earned. Airport taxes are subject to normal refund procedure.
  • TRY 150 is collected in domestic flights and USD 70 is collected in international flights per transaction.
  • In case of no-show, refunding costs TRY 200 in domestic flights and USD 150 in international flights for Miles refund in award tickets.
  • In normal tickets upgraded with Miles, pre-flight cancelation costs TRY 150 per transaction in domestic flights and USD 70 in international flights; while in case of no-show, TRY 200 is collected in domestic flights and USD 150 is collected in international flights per transaction.
  • Changes to passenger plans and Miles refunds must be processed at Turkish Airlines sales offices and a Miles&Smiles membership card or digital card must be presented. Travel agents do not have authorization to carry out these transactions.