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Meet our fleet

We welcome you to discover every inch of the world with our ever-expanding fleet. Here you can explore the aircraft models we have in our fleet.

Aircraft type Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner in our fleet

Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

Fly to your dreams with the Dreamliner and explore every corner of the world.


Aircraft type Airbus A350-900 in our fleet

Airbus A350-900

Cutting-edge systems, eco-friendly silent engines, high-end comfort and more.


Aircraft type Boeing 777-300 ER in our fleet

Boeing 777-300 ER

Here is state-of-the-art passenger comfort above the clouds for you.


Aircraft type Airbus A321neo in our fleet

Airbus A330-300

All your expectations for a long-haul flight are met on the A330-300.


Aircraft type Airbus A330-200 in our fleet

Airbus A330-200

A safe and enjoyable flight awaits you with smart flight technologies.


Aircraft type Airbus A330-300 in our fleet

Airbus A321neo

Enjoyable flights with advanced in-flight entertainment systems and smart technologies.


Aircraft type Boeing 737-900ER in our fleet

Boeing 737-900ER

Sink into a seat that has been designed for passenger comfort and enjoy the views.


Aircraft type Airbus A321-200 in our fleet

Airbus A321-200

Incredible wing design and wide multimedia screens are just two of the main features.


Aircraft type Airbus A320-200 in our fleet

Airbus A320-200

This model revolutionized aircraft design and inspired the new generation.


Aircraft type Boeing 737-800 in our fleet

Boeing 737-800

Plenty of seat pitch and pleasant in-flight entertainments... Boeing 737-800 ready for takeoff!


Aircraft type Airbus A319-132/100 in our fleet

Airbus A319-132/100

The A319-132/100 may be small-bodied but its interior comfort is huge.


Boeing 737 MAX 9

The dual engine B737 MAX 9, a member of the Boeing 737 MAX series, offers a comfortable, enjoyable and safe flight with its high-tech structure.


Boeing 737 MAX 8

The B737 MAX, a twin-engine member of the Boeing 737 family, promises a comfortable and enjoyable journey with its high-tech interior and exterior.