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Hostess welcoming passengers at THY boarding and smiling to them

Welcome to a unique travel experience!

Dear Passengers,

We provide a hygienic and safe environment on our flights so that you can explore the world in comfort. You are welcome to wear your mask during the flight. In addition to the most up-to-date information regarding countries and states that specifically require masks, you can learn about the measures taken by Turkish Airlines on the travel updates page.

Business Class

The chance to transform your trip into an incomparable experience is at your fingertips. Choose Business Class if you want to experience the ultimate in luxury travel and savor the pleasure of a comfortable, preferential, and delicious journey.

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Economy Class

Discover the privileges of Turkish Airlines at an affordable price. With Economy Class, we take your plans to travel at the price most suited to your budget one step further.

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Turkish Airlines Dining on Board

Special flavors in the skies

We transform your journey into a feast with the greatest dishes from Turkish and world cuisines prepared by Turkish DO & CO and our Flying Chefs.


Unforgettable cinema classics

From romantic lovers and adventurers in a fantasy world to brave and villainous cowboys of the Wild West, you can choose your favorite travel companion! Allow us to transform your flight into an entertainment extravaganza with the latest films, documentaries, current affairs programs, and much on our inflight entertainment system.

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Turkish Airlines Film Archive
Turkish Airlines Music Archive

A music collection to lift you to the skies

Classical, rock, pop, jazz, and indie will all add variety to your journey, as we have included a wide selection of musical genres and countless artists in our inflight entertainment system. Choose your favorite genre or album, watch live shows by famous artists, and let the rhythm carry you away.

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Stay in touch with the world

You won’t notice the time passing with our inflight entertainment system. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about missing important emails while you are traveling. You can use our internet connection to send email and SMS throughout the flight and enjoy uninterrupted communication with the outside world.

Keep in touch with our entertainment system

Turkish Airlines Inflight Entertainment System
Turkish Airlines Skylife Magazine

Rediscover the world with Skylife

Take a closer look at different cultures, tastes, and beauty spots around the world with Skylife magazine! A new edition of Skylife is published every month, ready to brighten up your journey with travel suggestions from Türkiye and beyond. Discover the world by browsing through Skylife as you travel!

Enjoy reading in the clouds

You can catch up world news and read about your favorite interests with PressReader when you are in the air. All you have to do is download the PressReader app. Click below for more information.


Turkish Airlines Lounge

We have given entertainment and comfort a new name at Turkish Airlines Lounge! With exceptional food, fun games, and interesting activities, you will find much more than a lounge at Turkish Airlines Lounge.

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Turkish Airlines connects East and West! Located less than 3 hours away from over 50 countries, Istanbul is the new center of the world.

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Fly Good Feel Good

Fly Good Feel Good

We have gathered together expert tips on topics like nutrition, exercise, sleep and hygiene on our Feel Good Fly Good page to help you have the healthiest flight possible.

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Let us transport your baggage with Miniport!

Benefit from our transportation services to and from the airport, Taksim, hotels and shopping centers.

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Soft seats allowing you to travel comfortably over the clouds, special tastes from Turkish and World cuisines, exciting movies, series and much more... You can buy your ticket now at an affordable price to discover the privileges of Turkish Airlines.