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Regarded as one of the major metropolises worldwide, Istanbul welcomes many visitors all over the world throughout the year. Many flights are operated each day from the center of both business and cultural trips, Istanbul to the Turkish capital Ankara. Turkish Airlines is the first choice of those wishing to have a relaxing flight in this route, offering a service of high quality.

Turkish Airlines flies from Istanbul to Ankara 30 times in average each day. The point of departure in these flights is either Istanbul Airport (IST) or Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW). It would therefore be advantageous to select the closest airport of departure to your location while booking your flight ticket. Flights landing at Esenboğa Airport (ESB) in Ankara take nearly one hour and fifteen minutes. You may fly from Istanbul to Ankara anytime you wish with Turkish Airlines, from the earliest till the late hours of a day.

From: Istanbul

Antalya Istanbul Flight Ticket

You do not need to seek a pretext to visit Istanbul. Thus, this marvelous city offers countless must-see spots and activities. It does not matter whether it’s your first visit or not, Istanbul wins everyone’s heart by its one of a kind presence all the time. Enthralling the visitors by its islands, palaces, streets full of history, as well as its historical artifacts, thanks to its geographical position, Istanbul serves as a significant point between Asia and Europe as well. The city hosts a great number of attractions, including but not limited to the Maiden’s Tower which has been a source of inspiration for many myths, Hagia Sophia, as an enchanting atmosphere embracing diversified religions, and Topkapı Palace, occupying an important place in the history.

There are two airports in Istanbul: Istanbul Airport (IST) and Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW). Both airports serve as a departure point in Turkish Airlines flights taking off from Istanbul.

Transportation from the city center to Istanbul Airport (IST)

Istanbul Airport (IST) is located on the D20 road. Even though the airport is approximately 35 km from the city center there are many transportation options available to passengers.

When it comes to public transport, the scheduled IETT buses and Havaist shuttles depart from many spots in the city. If you would rather not use public transport you can catch a taxi. Guests that want to travel privately and with ease can rent a car from car rental companies based at the airport. It takes around 30 minutes to reach the airport from the city center by taxi and costs around 100-110 TL.

For more detailed information check our transport information page.

Transportation to Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW)

Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW) is located on the Anatolian side of the city. Passengers to Ankara from the nearby cities like Kocaeli or Bursa generally prefer this airport, which can be reached via a couple of transportation vehicles like airport shuttles or municipal buses.

Airport shuttles depart right in front of the ferry terminal in Kadıköy and operate from 04.15 until 00.45 in every thirty minutes. The journey with these shuttles takes between 40 minutes and one and a half hour, depending on the traffic. These shuttles also depart from Taksim in the European side as well.

There are many municipal buses for reaching the airport as well. You may get to Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW) via the buses numbered E10 and E11 from Kadıköy. The bus numbered E10 departs from Kadıköy and reaches the airport following the route Göztepe Bridge, Bostancı Bridge, Kartal and Pendik. The bus numbered E11 also departs from Kadıköy and gets to Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW) following the route Koşuyolu Bridge and Acıbadem Subway station. The journey with these buses takes between 40 minutes and one and a half hour in average, depending on the traffic.Municipal bus numbered E9 sets off from Bostancı Ferry Terminal station and reaches the airport following the route Maltepe, Atalar and Pendik IDO stations. This journey also takes between 40 minutes and one and a half hour.Those wishing to get to the airport from the European side may get on the bus numbered E3 departing from 4th Levent, or SG2 departing from Taksim.

Destination: Ankara

Turkish Airlines Ankara Flights

As the city where the Republic of Türkiye was established, Ankara has a significant place in Türkiye’s history. Embracing its visitors with its avenues witnessing the history, its verdant parks where you can feel at peace and its historical mosques, Ankara welcomes many visitors for business trips as well.

Ankara hosts important spots which have left their mark on the history. Without doubt, one of the most important spots is Anıtkabir, the mausoleum of Atatürk, founder of the Republic of Türkiye. Make sure to visit Former Parliament Building, Ankara Castle, which has been a cradle of many civilizations throughout the history and the Anatolian Civilizations Museum, where you can witness Anatolia’s thousands of years history.Esenboğa Airport (ESB) serves as the sole airport in Ankara. Domestic and international flights to Ankara land at this airport.

Transportation from Ankara Esenboğa Airport (ESB) to the city center

Located 28 kilometers from the city center, Ankara Esenboğa Airport (ESB) provides transport by airport shuttles and municipal buses to reach the city center.

Operating between the airport and AŞTİ, the city’s bus terminal, airport shuttles serve almost at all hours in a day. The journey takes nearly 50 minutes with these shuttles which follow the route of Özel Bulvarı, Pursaklar, Çevreyolu, Batıkent Kavşağı, 75. Yıl Hipodromu, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bulvarı Şaşmaz Kavşağı and Sakıp Sabancı Bulvarı and AŞTİ.

You may also reach AŞTİ over Kızılay and Bakanlıklar districts via the municipal bus numbered 442. In addition to these, you may reach the city center by the cabs which are at your service 7/24 or renting a car from the car rental offices serving at the airport for a smooth transportation during your stay.

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