Business Class

Domestic flights

During the flight, we offer the freshest products and exclusive tastes, meticulously prepared and presented. Our newest treats include homemade omelets, a variety of regional Turkish appetizers, and grilled dishes such as Adana kebab. In addition, we’ve recently enhanced our baked goods options with sourdough bread and other varieties. Your meals are complemented by hot and cold beverages.

International flights

Prepared daily and in small batches by expert chefs using the freshest ingredients, in-flight meals are created in accordance with healthy nutrition trends, featuring more protein, vegetables and fruits, and fewer carbohydrates.

The catering service in Business Class varies depending on the flight time and duration of international flights. Our menus change weekly and always highlight fresh and high-quality ingredients. In addition to hot/cold breakfast and hot/cold meals, we offer a snack service on some flights.

Intercontinental flights

Business Class

Passengers are greeted onboard with a ‘welcome drink’ before presenting the latest delectable menu options.

Three main meal options are offered on intercontinental flights, along with a snack service on certain flights. Our catering service now includes home-made pasta and ravioli options, as well as main courses such as coal-fired kebab varieties, grilled fish, and a selection of local appetizers.

Breakfast products made with healthier ingredients are available, as are three main course choices, and sweet picks such as pancakes and crepes.

After dining, you can choose from an extensive selection of hot drinks or complement their meal with Turkish delight and Turkish coffee. With the Dine on Demand option, Business Class passengers can request their meal service at any time on intercontinental night flights departing/arriving in Istanbul for their convenience. For more information, please see the Dine on Demand page. Along with our new menus, we've started offering a variety of homemade mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails) and homemade detox beverages made with healthy ingredients.

Featuring traditional Turkish and international dishes made with local and seasonal ingredients, our prepared treats will accompany you in the sky.

Economy Class

Domestic flights 

On domestic flights, Economy Class passengers are served hot gourmet sandwiches flavored with butter. These satisfying hot sandwiches, prepared with pesto sauce, Girit ezme (Cretan-style dip), chicken cutlets, feta cheese, and other ingredients, are served on a variety of breads ranging from potato sourdough bread to sesame pita and sourdough Trabzon bread.

International and Intercontinental Flights

On international and intercontinental flights, Economy Class passengers can enjoy menus featuring a range of fresh seasonal products to suit their personal preferences. Prepared with the highest quality ingredients, our in-flight catering options include the most delectable dishes from Turkish and international cuisines. Depending on the flight duration and departure time, menus may offer hot/cold breakfast or hot/cold meals. The breakfast selection usually includes egg dishes, homemade muesli and cheese varieties, while dinner consists of local appetizers, pasta varieties and grilled options.

Furthermore, passengers on international flights can request a special meal based on their needs and preferences up to 24 hours before the flight. Menus tailored to your specific medical, dietary and religious requirements are prepared upon request. For more information, please see our special food service page.

Featuring traditional Turkish and international dishes made with local and seasonal ingredients, our prepared treats will accompany you in the sky.