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Step into the privileged world of Miles&Smiles. Get award tickets, flight upgrades with your Miles, and benefit from Mile transfers and Mile conversion.

The Miles&Smiles card is now digital! You can access your Miles&Smiles digital card via the Turkish Airlines mobile application, and enjoy all the advantages and features of your physical card. Miles&Smiles program members will no longer receive physical Miles&Smiles cards.

Miles&Smiles card status

Earn Miles as you fly with Turkish Airlines and Star Alliance Program partners
Award tickets and cabin upgrade
Earn Miles from Miles&Smiles credit cards transactions
1,000 Welcome Miles after first flight

Classic Plus

Is active over 25,000 Miles or on 40 flights.
Classic privileges
Check-in at Business Class counters for domestic flights
CIP passenger lounge access for domestic flights
Star Alliance Silver card privileges
Additional baggage allowance of 10 kg *Except on flights implementing piece baggage concept.


When you reach 40,000 Status Miles
Classic Plus Privileges
Istanbul Airport International Arrivals Terminal special passport desk
Istanbul International Arrivals Terminal special entrance (Gate 5)
Use of CIP lounges on Turkish Airlines domestic and international flights with a spouse and children or one guest*
Private telephone helpline: +90 444 1 849
Benefit from the advantages of Star Alliance Gold card
On routes with the weight concept, passengers may check an additional 20kg in baggage. On routes with piece concept, passengers may check 1 additional piece of baggage.
Free standart seat selection only for Turkish Airlines operated flights
*Only one guest has the right to enter the contracted international lounges that do not belong to the alliance

Elite Plus

When you reach 80.000 Status Miles
Elite card privileges
The right to 2 free of charge cabin upgrades on Turkish Airlines flights
Elite card gift for 3 people
Guaranteed seat on certain cabin classes
On routes with the weight concept, passengers may check an additional 25kg in baggage. On routes with piece concept, passengers may check 1 additional piece of baggage.

Miles features

Converting Miles

You can convert the Miles you earn using your Miles&Smiles credit card into Status Miles. You can then use these to extend or upgrade your membership status.

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Transferring Miles

Transfer Miles to friends and loved ones to cover their Miles for awards, and help them discover new and exciting destinations.

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Purchasing Miles

Don't have enough Miles to buy an award ticket? You can Purchase Miles to attain the amount needed to fly wherever you want.

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Purchasing Status Miles

If you haven't earned enough Miles to extend your membership status or you’d like to upgrade your status, you can purchase Status Miles via the Turkish Airlines website.

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Shopping With Miles

If you have a Miles&Smiles credit card, you can use Miles to shop or spend Miles with banks’ partner companies.

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Extending Miles

Extend the validity of Miles which are about to expire for three calendar years, and use them when you want to.

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Activating Miles

Bring Miles which have expired in the past year back to life and use them however you want.

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Smiling Doctors

Smiling Doctors members will receive Miles as a small thank-you for helping other passengers when flying.

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Family Membership

There is nothing better than sharing the Miles you have earned on your loved ones. Set up a family membership, and share your Miles.

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High Five Kids Club

Our little guests can relax during their flights with the High Five Kids Club and the flight will be full of entertainment for them.

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Invite a friend to become a Miles&Smiles member and earn 2,500 Miles!

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Celebration Cake

If you're a Miles&Smiles member and it's your birthday or wedding anniversary, you'll be treated to something sweet to celebrate your special day in the skies.

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See the terms and conditions page, for more detailed information on Miles&Smiles.