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We know how important your professions and hobbies are to you and, as such, we transport your musical equipment to your destination in order to continue to make your travel easier and more even more enjoyable. So, why not bring your instrument along with you while you discover new places?

Carrying musical instruments in the cabin

Transporting musical instruments in the cabin follows the standard carry-on baggage rules. Small instruments like guitars, violins, and saz whose length and width while in their cases do not exceed 118 cm can be carried in the cabin free of charge.

You can bring a cello into the cabin as paid carry-on baggage as long as its dimensions do not exceed 140x42x25 cm and weighs no more than 75 kg. You must make your reservation at least 48 hours before your flight in order to bring a cello along as paid carry-on baggage.

Transporting musical instruments in the cargo hold

Large instruments like upright basses can only be checked and transported in the cargo hold and must be packed in a durable hard case. We attach a label marked “Fragile” to your instrument case and do not load it onto the conveyor belt at check in, taking special care to transport it safely. Please make sure not to exceed your baggage allowance in order to not incur an excess baggage fee. 

You can get more information on transporting musical instruments at our sales offices or by contacting our call center.

We know that transporting musical instruments requires special care and, as such, we mark them as fragile and take extra care while loading and unloading them from the aircraft. Make sure to pack your instrument in a hard case before checking it in or carrying it into the cabin in order to prevent it from getting damaged