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Flights to Latvia

Riga Latvian
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New Year (January 01), Labor Day (May 01-02), Independence Day (May 04), Ligo and Janis Summer Solstice (June 23-24), National Day (November 19), Christmas (December 25)

As one of the three countries of the Baltic Region, Latvia is encircled by Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania and Baltic Sea. In addition to its historic urban areas like the capital Riga, the country also offers splendid nature landscapes with its waterfalls and national parks. It is also possible to have a cultural tour in Latvia by visiting the villages remaining from the Medieval Age and numerous historical artifacts, as well as enjoying the outdoor activities by its beautiful beaches and forests.

If you are also looking forward to visiting this country to explore its enthralling natural spaces, take a look at the flights to Latvia offered by Turkish Airlines now to enjoy a privileged journey to this adorable destination, as one of the most significant stops in Europe for historical and cultural tours.

Flight Details

Latvia flight details

Flights with Turkish Airlines to Latvia take off from Istanbul Airport (IST) and land at Riga International Airport (RIX) in the country’s capital within nearly three hours. Riga Airport (RIX) is the busiest airport both in the country and in the Baltic Region. It therefore welcomes a large number of passengers all year round.

Latvia offers numerous alternatives to satisfy its guests both by its perfect geography and its historical prosperity. Various festivals taking place countrywide appeal to great number of tourists as well. Events increasing in number when the temperatures rise by the awakening of the nature, also cause an increase in the demand to Latvia. This pretty country is famous for its unique music and dances. Latvia Song and Dance Festival where you can witness the country’s local melodies and folk dances hosts many concerts, choruses and dance shows. Held in July every year, this festival has been celebrated since 1873, regarded as the most rooted event countrywide.

Another attention-grabbing festival for those interested in dancing is Riga Salsa Festival. Organized in June every year since 2005, the festival witnesses the enthralling performances of Latin music dancers all over the world. Saulkrasti Jazz Festival in July with increasing popularity each passing year, together with the Positivus Festival hosting the globally famous bands in Salacgriva city also in July are other remarkable crowd-pulling organizations you may wish to join to enjoy fully your stay at Latvia.

Attraction Points

Latvia sightseeing and attractions

The largest city in the Baltic Region and the country’s capital Riga shines out as the region’s hub for culture, politics, education, finance, commerce, industry and tourism. Welcoming a large number of tourists by its comfortable hotels, elegant restaurants, hot springs, shopping malls and places of entertainment, Riga hosts numerous historical artifacts to visit. The capital’s buildings of Art Nouveau style are highly famous. You should definitely pass through Alberta, Elizabetes and Strelnieku streets to see the best models of these artifacts. The architect of the majority of these splendid buildings is Mikhail Eisenstein, the father of the worldwide famous Russian director Sergei Eisenstein, remarkably known by the movie Battleship Potemkin.

Make sure to also see in the capital Riga the Freedom Monument, one of the most valuable icons of Latvia. Riga is home to many religious artifacts as well, including but not limited to the St. Petrus Church dating back to 1746, St. Peter’s Church, as the city’s oldest church built in 1209, St. Mary Magdalene's Church made of stone remaining from the 18th century, and Riga Dome Cathedral included in UNESCO World Heritage List.

Riga is divided into two regions by the Daugava River flowing through. The most attractive building in the Old Town District remaining from the Medieval Age on the east side of the River is the House of the Blackheads. Served as a guild for merchants in the past, this building now renders service as a museum with its wine cellar in the basement floor, its exhibitions about trade and large ball rooms to visit. Sun Museum exhibiting the history of sun myth and the culture of Latvia; Three Brothers Complex, the oldest buildings in town, which were then converted into museum; Riga Castle hosting the National Museum of History, rank among the top crowd-pulling spots in the city.

You may consider the option of car rental during your visit to Riga. Yet, many worth-seeing charms of the country are located near the capital, in a short driving distance. For instance, the historic city Sigaldu, which is less than one hour drive from Riga, is often cited as the Switzerland of Latvia by its breathtaking view. Do not forget to see Krimulda Manor built in the 19th century surrounded by brilliant gardens, as well as the Sigulda Castle and Krimulda Castle remaining from the Medieval Age. Moreover, Gutmanis Cave between Sigulda Castle and Turaida Castle is a highly popular destination with the natural water flowing through within; it is said that the water, which is believed to be healing, is good for skin. Located in 19 meters depth, this cave is totally worth-seeing also by its spectacular landscape. Gauja National Park in Sigulda city, on the other hand, is an ideal spot for relaxing by its rich biological diversity, stunning sceneries and tranquil atmosphere.

During your visit in Latvia, you may also pass by Kuldiga, named as the country’s Venice and see the largest waterfall in Europe with a width of 240 meters, visit the historic fortresses in Cesis, one of the oldest cities in the country, or enjoy the sun and sea at the beautiful beaches Vecliepaja and Dienvidrietumi on the crystal sands in Liepaja, which served as the country’s capital during the World War I.

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