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If you need more time, you can “Hold the Price”!

If you’ve found the right flight at the right price, but haven’t finalized your itinerary, don’t worry: for a fee, you can “Hold the Price” and purchase your ticket later. Even better – after ticketing, the hold fee is refunded. When you select “Hold the Price”, the ticket price will remain the same for a determined period. Enjoy flying with advantageous prices and a refund of the hold fee.

Miles&Smiles privilege

Miles&Smiles Classic Plus, Elite, Elite Plus members can use this service free of charge for the specified periods of time, depending on the flight’s departure date.

How does it work?

  • Start the ticket purchasing process.
  • After the flight selection is made, check the “Hold the Price” button.
  • Fill in the passenger information and select the most suitable Hold the Price package.
  • Enter your credit card details to pay the Hold the Price fee.
  • Once the price hold process is complete, the ticket price remains the same for the duration of the option.
  • To purchase a ticket with a price hold, go to the “My Reservations” section from your personal Turkish Airlines account and complete your transaction by clicking the “Pay and fly” button.
  • Please note that you must complete the ticket purchase prior to the expiration of the price hold package.
  • Please review the Terms and Conditions page for all details regarding the Hold the Price application.