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Purchase your flight ticket easily and securely with our mobile app

Enjoy an even safer and more comfortable travel experience with the Turkish Airlines mobile app. You can complete all travel processes such as purchasing a ticket, creating a mobile boarding pass, or checking in via a single channel; simultaneously, you can easily access Turkish Airlines’ additional services, campaigns, and announcements.


Discover the Turkish Airlines app now!

In order to start using our mobile application, you can download the Turkish Airlines iOS mobile application or the Turkish Airlines Android mobile application or the Turkish Airlines Huawei AppGallery mobile application according to the operating system of your smartphone.

Purchase tickets quickly and securely via the mobile app!

Thanks to the mobile application, you can purchase plane tickets easily, quickly and securely in a few steps. Create a registered user profile through the mobile app and enter your personal and your traveling companion’s information. Complete your transaction by saving your payment information, which will allow you to select your payment method with a single tap. You can also save your ID and passport information so that the app remembers you.

Services in 8 different languages!

We are constantly enhancing our offerings to provide quality and comfortable service to our passengers. To make transactions even easier, we feature the world’s most spoken languages in the Turkish Airlines mobile app. Services through the Turkish Airlines flight ticket mobile app are available in Turkish, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Arabic.

Pay in your own currency!

We offer practical solutions to ease your payment processes. You can purchase all flight-related services, including flight tickets, by selecting one of the 51 different currencies (TRY, EUR, USD, CAD, etc.) available on the mobile app.

Feel the difference with an app that recognizes you!

We want you to enjoy a most privileged experience with our user-friendly flight ticket mobile app, so we developed features that will inspire your future travels, such as remembering your flights and preferences.

Make your selections according to your needs and save time!

The mobile app delivers speed, convenience and saves you precious time by allowing you to select your seat and purchase extra baggage allowance in advance of your flight. In addition, you can select an in-flight add-on menu that adds flavor to your travels. You can also purchase travel insurance, book hotels, and rent a car with advantages, and effortlessly make use of many additional services.

Easy and effortless solutions!

Unexpected situations may occur during your trip – but fear not, we have variety of solutions. In cases of bad weather, sudden operational changes, or ticket cancelations, you can easily change your flight, add a new flight, or cancel your flight entirely via the mobile app. Our Video Call Center also eases the life of travelers with impaired hearing. Connect to our mobile app for a video solution to your inquiries and issues.

Experience Miles&Smiles privileges!

Enjoy a range of privileges while purchasing your flight ticket. You can take advantage of Miles&Smiles benefits within the app, including purchase of special tickets for Miles&Smiles members, upgrades in cabin or membership status, and exploring offers from program partners.

A faster route to your flight!

You can check-in with tickets purchased on the mobile app, by registering tickets purchased through other channels via the app, you can even create a mobile boarding pass as an environmentally-friendly option. Moreover, if you are not checking a bag, you may bypass the check-in counter and head swiftly and directly to your flight. If you are checking a bag, you can deliver your luggage to self-checking Bag Drop point.

Privileges await in the mobile app

Next generation ticket purchase

By scanning your credit card and passport with your smartphone’s camera, you can save time while purchasing a plane ticket.

On-target additional services

You can easily access many additional services such as extra baggage, pricing holds, cabin upgrades, hotel reservations and travel insurance through the mobile app.

Inspiration for your travels

You can also read the Turkish Airlines Blog via the mobile app. Get inspired for your next trip with new routes, travel ideas and experiences.

Confidence in our justified success

In 2019, Turkish Airlines won the Golden Spider award in “Best Mobile Application” and “Mobile Application: Service” categories for its mobile application, which considers every stage of your trip.

Rapid access to campaigns and opportunities

Discover deals offered by Turkish Airlines in a timely manner! Get instant notifications for campaigns by downloading the mobile application.

Push notifications for your flight

If you have a busy flight schedule, our smart app makes your life much easier. With push notifications, you can obtain real-time details of your flight.

Turkish Airlines Holidays comfort

You can browse Turkish Airlines Holidays holiday packages through the mobile app and plan your trip with minimal effort.

Airport maps

You can easily navigate inside the airports before and after the flight with the airport maps available in the mobile app.

Magazines and newspapers with the Press Reader

The Press Reader app enables you to keep up with international news with thousands of magazines and newspapers available on your mobile device.

Touch ID and Face ID Learn more

The Turkish Airlines mobile app is compatible with Touch ID and Face ID. When you need it, you can quickly connect to the mobile app and save time by these features.

The Mobile Boarding Pass: Whatever it takes for a cleaner planet

The Mobile Boarding Pass: Whatever it takes for a cleaner planet

You can help reduce paper waste and do the earth a small but significant favour by using a mobile boarding pass on your flights. Helping Mother Earth is not the only good reason for getting the electronic boarding pass. You can easily use it through your smartphones and simultaneously put an end to the endless search for your tickets before boarding. With the mobile boarding pass, you will be able to get through the ticket control fast and easily and even save yourself time.

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