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More travel advantages with TK Wallet!

TK Wallet, Turkish Airlines’ new application exclusively for Special product for Miles&Smiles members, lets you make payments and complete refund processes quickly and easily. In addition, you can earn additional TK Money for refunds made to your digital wallet, which you can create in one of four currency options.

Frequently asked questions

How can I create my TK Wallet account? More information

If you are a Miles&Smiles member, you can create your digital wallet by logging into your Miles&Smiles account via our website or mobile application.

How can I add balance to my TK Wallet? More information

There are two ways to top up your TK Wallet balance. When you are on the payment page while creating your booking, you can select TK Wallet as the payment method; at this time, you can have the amount to be paid withdrawn from your credit card or debit card, transferred to TK Wallet, and then withdrawn from the digital wallet. The second method is to simply log in to your Miles&Smiles account and top up your TK Wallet balance.

In which currencies can I make transactions via my TK Wallet account? More information

You can create TK Wallet in one of four different currencies: Turkish lira (TRY), Euro (EUR), US dollar (USD), and Pound (GBP). Please note that you can select only one currency for the digital wallet and that the selected currency cannot be changed.

How can I change the currency I use in my TK Wallet account? More information

You can change your TK Wallet currency selection by closing and reopening your TK Wallet account. You can close your TK Wallet account If you have no pending flights paid with TK Wallet and your TK Wallet balance is zero. You can complete the TK Wallet closure process after restoring the available balance in the TK Wallet account to your credit or debit card. In this case, your unused TK Money amount will be cancelled.

What is TK Money? More information

Miles&Smiles member passengers can earn TK Money from flights whose refund amount is transferred to TK Wallet. Your TK Money amount is loaded to your digital wallet immediately after the refund transaction is completed. TK Money received with incremental refunds can be used for purchasing tickets and additional services.

How do I transfer the money in TK Wallet to my credit card? More information

Balance top-ups made to TK Wallet can be refunded to your credit/debit card, as can refunds received to TK Wallet without the incremental feature. In such cases, the entire amount in your digital wallet, excluding TK Money, will be refunded and there is no partial refund.

I am a Miles&Smiles member but I cannot create a TK Wallet, what should I do? More information

You cannot create a wallet if your Turkish ID number, phone number or e-mail address has been used for a different Miles&Smiles membership. Please make a request by filling out the feedback form.

To review the terms and conditions of the TK Wallet service, please visit the TK Wallet terms and conditions link.