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Male passenger working with THY Business Class window seat, desk and laptop


With using the connectivity features that we offer on our flights, you can work as comfortably as in your office during your flight and make your journey even more enjoyable by using our in-flight connectivity service with your own devices.

Internet Connection

You can continue to work and stay connected to world by using the high-speed wireless internet connection that we offer on an increasing number of international and domestic flights operated by more than 270 aircraft increasing gradually in our fleet.

You can use even high-bandwidth required applications on your laptops, tablets and smartphones with the broadband wireless internet connection.

On International Flights,

We offer complimentary internet service to our Business Class passengers and Miles&Smiles program members. Our passengers are able to complete their Miles&Smiles program membership before their flight or via the form on the internet login page and enjoy limitless messaging. Paid and complimentary internet passes may vary on the flight time and the aircraft type.

Pass Type

Complimentary Quota

Business Class Passengers with Miles&Smiles Elite or Elite Plus Membership

Unlimited Internet

Business Class Passengers

1 GB and Unlimited Messaging

Miles&Smiles Elite or Elite Plus Members

400 MB and Unlimited Messaging

Miles&Smiles Classic Plus Members

250 MB and Unlimited Messaging

Miles&Smiles Classic Members

Unlimited Messaging

We also offer paid passes for our passengers who consumed their complimentary quota or without Miles&Smiles membership. Internet passes can only be purchased during the flight.

Pass Type


Unlimited Messaging


100 MB


250 MB

15 USD

Unlimited Internet For Short Haul

15 USD

Unlimited Internet For Long Haul

35 USD

On Domestic Flights,

We offer paid passes to all passengers. All taxes included in the rate. Internet passes can only be purchased during the flight.

Pass Type


Unlimited Messaging

150 TL

Unlimited Internet

350 TL

Our passengers can access the help video, which includes the steps to connect to the internet service, on the PLANET in-flight entertainment platform during the flight.

Inflight Internet Connection
Inflight Power Supply

Power supply

You can charge your laptops, tablets and mobile phones using the sockets and USB ports found on our aircraft.

Power supplies and USB ports are available for all passengers on our B777-300ER and A330-300 aircraft, but only in Business Class on B787, B737 MAX, B737-900ER, A350 and A321 NEO aircraft. On those aircraft, passengers in Economy Class can charge their devices from USB outlets in the monitors.

During all our flights, including those that provide a Wi-Fi connection, you can use laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and similar devices. In the interests of your own flight safety, please pay attention to the announcements from our cabin crew.