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Flights to Venezuela

Caracas Spanish
Venezuelan Bolivar 31,98 million
New Year (January 01), Epiphany (January 06), St. Joseph’s Day (March 19), Labor Day (May 01), Assumption Day (August 15), All Saints’ Day (November 01), Constitution Day (December 06), Christmas (December 25)

Venezuela, officially known as the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, is one of the top popular holiday destinations worldwide by its well-preserved nature offering breathtaking landscapes, vast beaches and amiable people. Situated in the south of the Caribbean Sea, bordered on the west by Colombia and on the south by Brazil, Venezuela truly is a Latin beauty. As an attractive country flooded by a large number of travelers every year, Venezuela is a must-see country by all its charm.

Take a look at the flights to Venezuela now to embark on an outstanding adventure in this enchanting country to witness the heritage of the legendary leader Chavez, enjoy your visit in the heart of rainforests full of exotic fruits, see thousands of bird and animal species and take a canoe tour in its splendid rivers.

Flight Details

Venezuela flight details

Turkish Airlines flies to three different destinations in Venezuela: Caracas, Maracaibo and Valencia. Flights taking off from Istanbul Airport (IST) land at Simon Bolivar International Airport (CCS) in the capital Caracas within nearly 18 hours. Flights to La Chinita International Airport (MAR) in Maracaibo, the second largest city countrywide following the capital, and to Arturo Michelena International Airport (VLN) in Valencia significantly managing the country’s air traffic are operated as connecting over Caracas. The duration of the journeys in connecting flights varies by the layover at Caracas, as well as the point of destination.

The people of this warm tropical country are very warm-hearted and vibrant as well. Accordingly, Venezuela appeals to the visitors not only by its nature, but also by its entertaining and vibrant culture. In addition to its warm weather all year round, Venezuela hosts many attractive festivals and succeeds in being one of the top visited destinations in its region.

As a perfect combination of Spanish and Caribbean culture, Venezuela is home to the world’s most colorful festivals. The Carnival celebrating Mardi Gras is regarded as the largest and most colorful feast countrywide. This festival, which takes place in February, enlivens both the streets and boats. Participants with various traditional costumes perform entertaining shows for four days. Festivals in this lovely country increase in number between December and April. Another religion-based festival like Mardi Gras is the Corpus Christi celebrated after the Good Thursday. During this feast, many ceremonies are held to represent the victory over the demons; all participants take to the streets by red costumes and scary masks. Another festival celebrated with masks and dances is Feria del Sol. Organized in the second day of February every year; this festival is known as another Catholic feast commemorating the Virgin Candelaria where the local people paint their faces, wear various masks and turn the streets into feast by their colorful costumes.

San Benito El Moro, on the other hand, is a festival where the mythological beliefs of the country are celebrated. Held in Lake Maracaibo in the name of San Benito, the protective spirit of the lake, the festival is held with great enthusiasm where the locals with their traditional costumes hold parades and take vows all around the town. These celebrations lasting for one week from Christmas to the New Year would be a perfect opportunity for those wishing to witness Venezuela’s enthralling culture.

In addition to all these, El Hatillo Music Festival, which takes place in November every year at El Hatillo town in the south of the capital, ranks among the top significant music events countrywide which gathers together various types of music, from jazz to folk and rock. Furthermore, Veloria de la Cruz Mayo held in Caracas in the third day of May is another noteworthy event with traditional costumes and music where the locals commemorate their ancestors crucified during the struggle of independence.

Attraction Points

Venezuela sightseeing and attractions

The Venezuelan capital Caracas shines out as a metropolis surrounded by two mountains. You may witness during your stay the traces of Spanish architecture in the capital’s historical artifacts where streets are enlivened by the colorful houses; and encounter the monuments of great leader Simon Bolivar all around the city, who played a vital role in the independence of the country from Spanish colony. Bolivar Square is the most ideal spot to start your tour in the capital where many tourist attractions are located nearby. Built in the middle of the 17th century, Caracas Cathedral is regarded as one of the most significant icons in the city, hosting the mausoleum of Simon Bolivar’s wife, as well as his mother and father.

You may visit in Caracas the town of El Hatillo, the first settlement of the city, together with Miranda Park and the Zoo, watch the city’s spectacular view from Avila Hill which can be reached by a cable car, have pleasant nature walks at the mountain slope, and join canoe tours in Angel Falls. It would be best to rent a car for moving freely and seeing all attractions nearby the capital so that you can set your own route and extend the scope of your vacation.

The largest and most touristic destination in Venezuela after Caracas is Maracaibo. This pretty city is often cited as “Tierra del Sol Amada”, which means “The Beloved Land of the Sun”. Hosting numerous historical artifacts and natural gems, Maracaibo’s most attractive spot is the Lake Maracaibo. This lake, which is known to be one of the oldest lakes worldwide, hosts a bridge over it, that is the world’s largest reinforced concrete bridge. Another distinctive side of Lake Maracaibo is that it produces more lightning than any other place on the planet. The Basilica de Nuestra Senora de Chiquinquira dating back to 1686 and Plaza Reina Guillermina Park, named after the Queen of Netherlands, Wilhelmina are the most remarkable must-see spots in the city.

Moreover, Valencia stands out as the third largest city in the country. Especially the town of Barquismeto nearby the city brings in many tourists from all over the world, as it is remarkably known as the oldest town in Venezuela and the most-developed region countrywide in industry. This pretty city is expected to be much more popular in the next years, thanks to the countless historic and natural charms within its boundaries.

Even though Valencia is an extremely touristic destination by its vibrant towns, historical artifacts and colorful festivals, the country’s splendid natural marvels should also be seen definitely. Canaima National Park in the southeastern Venezuela, bounded by Brazil and Guyana is included in UNESCO World Heritage List. Hosting an impressive and glorious nature and covering an area of 30 thousand square kilometers, this huge park is simply worth-seeing by its fresh air and enthralling view. Angel Falls located within Canaima National Park is another site declared as World Heritage by UNESCO. It is regarded as the highest waterfalls worldwide by its height of nearly a thousand meters. Morrocoy National Park in the east of Falcón state, on the other hand, is one of the most visited natural sites countrywide by its rich biologic diversity. Flooded by the fanciers of underwater world by its unique diving reefs, this park would be an ideal spot also for those fond of bird watching.

Those wishing to enjoy the sun and sea at the crystal sands of Venezuela generally prefer Plaja El Yaque, a splendid spot known by its beautiful sands and sail surfing opportunities. Extending over an area of 950 thousand square kilometers, Mochima National Park, on the other hand, is another popular spot for sea holiday by its deep blue sea along the Caribbean.

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