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The passenger’s first name and last name recorded during the reservation/ticketing process cannot be changed at a later date.

All flight times, including departure and arrival times displayed on Online Channels are in local time.

The type of aircraft or departure time scheduled for a flight may change for operational reasons.

Turkish Airlines cannot be held responsible in case of issues arising from technical difficulties or the entry of incorrect/missing contact information.

Reservations/ticketing through Online Channels Learn more >>

Flights eligible for reservations/ticketing through Online Channels:

  • Flights operated by Turkish Airlines 
  • Flights operated by AnadoluJet 
  • Codeshare flights (Flights operated by airlines with which Turkish Airlines has a codeshare agreement)

Attention In multi-city flights, a maximum of 6 journey legs may be selected. While selecting multi-city flights, the time between one flight arriving and the subsequent flight departing must be at least  30 minutes for domestic flights and 90 minutes for international flights.

Date ranges for reservations:
  • Reservations for both domestic and international flights can be made up to 355 days before the flight.
  • Reservation options outside the range stated above may be available on some routes.
Date ranges for ticketing1:
  • Domestic: At least 1 hour and at most 355 days before the flight
  • International: At least 2 hours and at most 355 days before the flight
    1For codeshare flights and some Turkish Airlines flights, the date range, existing mutual agreements or available payment methods may be subject to change.
The ticket price related to any payments made outside of Online Channels (Website/Mobile Applications) may vary depending on the service charges applied through different sales channels.
Changes in class or exchange rates during the reservation process may lead to changes in ticket price. 
All reservations made using Online Channels (website/mobile applications) and other sales channels are controlled automatically by Our system. Reservation rules require that if any reservations are repeated, only one of them will be valid. Other than this, charges, dates or options for travel will be cancelled without further notice. Please take care to avoid repeating Your reservation. 
Our flight network:
With Turkish Airlines, you can fly to more than 280 destinations across 5 continents. Click to see an up-to-date flight map.

Passenger number limits for reservation/ticketing through Online Channels¹:

Online Channels passenger limits for reservation/ticketing

Excluding infants (Adults and children) With infants2
Domestic flights 7 +2 (9 total)
International flights 9 +2 (11 total)
¹Reservations for 10 passengers or more will be accepted as group reservations. Group reservations cannot be made through Online Channels. For group reservations, please visit Your nearest Turkish Airlines sales office. 

²The number of infant passengers may not exceed the number of adult passengers traveling with them under the same reservation. If the number of infant passengers exceeds this limit, a new reservation must be made

Age limits:

Age limit as of the first date of flying Age limit as of the last flight date
Infant 7 days and over 2 years and under
Child - 12 years and under
Adult - 12 years and over
Infants less than 48 hours old will not be accepted onto flights. For infants no more than a week old, a medical report indicating that there are no health risks associated with flying must be presented.
  • Infants may not travel alone. Infant passengers must be accompanied by at least 1 adult or unaccompanied minor. If 2 adults and 1 infant are traveling together, the infant passenger will be registered to the seat of the first adult listed on the reservation, and seat selection rules will be applied accordingly. 
  • Children between 2 and 6 must be accompanied. 
  • Children between 7 and 11 may travel alone with an unaccompanied minor ticket, but may not check in online. 

Discounted tickets:

Various discounts may be applied to tickets purchased through Online Channels. Please click for more information regarding discounted ticket types (seniors discount, young persons discount, student discount, child discount, military personnel discount), regulations and other details.

Seat selection:
Flight type Cabin Date
Domestic flights Business Class 100 days before flight
International flights All classes 100 days before flight ¹
Codeshare flights - -
¹ Seat selection can be made 7 days before flights to the USA and the Far East.


Flights to Batumi: Reservations for flights may only be made through Online Channels if the flight is departing from or arriving in Türkiye. International fights cannot be made from. If you are traveling to/from outside Türkiye, please select Batumi as Your departure/arrival city. For more detailed information, please contact Our call center or visit one of Our sales offices. 


Flights to Cyprus: Underage passengers (below 18 years old) traveling to Cyprus must present a consent form signed by their parents stating that the minor is allowed to leave the country. If a minor is traveling with their mother or father only, a consent note signed by the other parent notarized within the last six months indicating the minor is allowed to leave the country must be presented. The waiting time for stopovers will be no less than 1 hour. 

Flights connecting at different airports: In some of Our connecting flights passengers may have to connect using a different airport in the same city. For example, some London-Tehran flights connecting in Istanbul may require first landing at Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport, then a transfer to Istanbul Airport before boarding the connecting flight. Passengers will confirm they have understood should this be the case, and will then be responsible for transferring themselves and their baggage to the airport from which the connecting flight is to depart.

Check-in Learn more >>

Passengers may check in online and select their seat through Online Channels 24 hours before flight departure. This service is available up to 90 minutes before departure.

Passengers may complete self check-in 12 hours before flight departure. This service is available up to 45 minutes before departure for domestic flights, and 60 minutes before departure for international flights. For international flights, passengers are required to be at the airport at least three (3) hours before the flight’s scheduled departure time.

Baggage and boarding pass:

For international flights, all check-in and baggage handling procedures must be completed at least 60 minutes before the flight’s scheduled departure time. For domestic flights, passengers are required to be at the airport at least three (3) hour before the flight’s scheduled departure time.For domestic flights, all check-in and baggage handling procedures must be completed at least 45 minutes before the flight’s scheduled departure time.

If Your baggage is in extra of Your allocated limit, please take into account the time it will take to pay extra baggage fees when planning Your journey to the airport. Your check-in will be cancelled unless you collect Your boarding pass in time, or if you are late to the boarding gate. In case of extra baggage, Our passengers have to take into consideration the extra baggage payment processes. Turkish Airlines is not responsible of probable passenger lateness.

Passengers who have not applied to the gate before boarding, even those who've printed boarding pass over the internet, will not be accepted on board.

Baggage and safety:

Please prepare Your baggage on Your own or view the preparation. Do not take any other objects from someone you don’t know. Also look over it to close boxes and packages inside.

In the event of the following Your baggage will not be accepted on board the flight if;

• Your baggage is liable to cause damage to the aircraft, passengers or other cargo.

• Your baggage is not packaged in a way that facilitates orderly and safe handling.

• Your baggage contains items whose transport is prohibited by laws and regulations in any of the states of departure, destination or overflight.

• Your baggage is of dimensions exceeding size limits.

• Any piece of baggage exceeds 32 kg.

• Your baggage contains prohibited hazardous substances.

Special requests:

Due to operational reasons, special assistance requests such as wheelchair assistance must be made at least 48 hours before your flight. Special meal requests must be made at least 24 hours before your flight. Please click for more information.


Whilst Turkish Airlines will try to advanced seating requests, it cannot guarantee any particular seat even if Your reservation is confirmed and you have checked in through online check-n. Turkish Airlines has the right to change the seat number(s) you have preferred at check-in due to operational requirements which may occur.

Boarding gates: 

Boarding gates close no later than 20 minutes before departure time in order to complete last minute preparations to ensure departures and arrivals on schedule. Please make sure that it can often take up to 25 minutes to reach a gate from the main departure areas in some airports. 

Stations with special security regulations: 

Passengers traveling to the stations that need special security information should arrive to airport earlier as they need pass through the special security control that is provided by the related authorities. Online boarding pass can be printed by the passengers who completed special security form via web. 

To be able to fill out the form please have Your passport or Your traveling documents with you and click on the Special Info button. Only the online check-in can be completed without filling out the form, the online boarding pass cannot be printed. 

The time spent at the airport could be shortened by filling the Special Security Form and printing the boarding pass from web.

Travel documents: 

Please ensure you take all relevant travel documentation such as ticket/passport etc. with you to the airport.

All passengers are required to show valid photographic ID (ID card, driving license or passport for domestic flights; passport for international flights) at airport ticket and security checkpoints.


Airline flights may be overbooked. It is possible that a seat is not available on a flight for which you have a confirmed reservation. Please note that if online check-in fails, you must follow the regular airport check-in procedures at Your departure airport.

For passengers with a confirmed ticket and reservation, further information regarding Denied Boarding Compensation System will be shared at check-in counters.


Turkish Airlines online check-in cannot inform you in the event of Your flight being delayed or cancelled. You are reminded to check with Your local Turkish Airlines office and airport before departure. In the event of delay, you are still expected to be at the airport on time, as the position can change.

Cancelling online check-in:

Passengers who have their ticket via internet should contact with call center 444 0 849. The extension is 4-2-1 to cancel online check-in.

If the online check-in has cancelled, the previous boarding pass that has been printed is not valid anymore. In this case, to prevent any unpreferable situation while boarding, please re-check and re-print the new boarding pass.

Flight coupon sequence

Flight coupons will be accepted only in sequence with the related flight ticket by the carrier. 

The ticket may not be valid and carrier may not honour the passenger's ticket if the first flight coupon for international travel has not been used and the passenger commences his or her journey at any stopover or agreed stopping place.

Cancellations/refunds and changes Learn more >>

Ticket cancellations/refunds and changes not made through Online Channels:

  • Tickets in which the first leg of the trip has been made.
  • Tickets issued through our sales offices, call centers or other channels, such as agencies.
  • Tickets purchased via EFT or internet banking.
  • Changes to award tickets.
  • Multi-city flights.

In cases where ticket cancellations/refunds and changes are not made through Online Channels, please contact Our call center or visit a Turkish Airlines Sales Office in order to cancel, request a refund or change a ticket.

Any ticket refunds will be made according to the payment method used while purchasing the ticket.

All deductions, taxes or price differences, ticketing service fees, etc. will be calculated automatically when making cancellations, changes or requesting a refund.

The ticketing service fee is only refunded for cancellations made within the scope of flight irregularities (schedule change, flight cancellation and extraordinary circumstances). The ticketing service fee is not refunded for cancellations made in line with the passenger's request, when there are no flight irregularities.

Refunds made to iDEAL and Klarna online bank transfer accounts will be processed within around 5 days.

The refund period for other payment methods will depend on the existing agreements with the relevant institutions.

For ticket reissue, you should pay the possible fare difference between the new and original ticket along with the shown reissue fee.

Your cancellation/refund and change requests will be applied to all passengers listed under Your reservation. Separate transactions cannot be carried out for individual passenger under a reservation.

Confirmation of cancellations/refunds and changes made through Online Channels will be sent via e-mail.

Addition of passengers traveling together Learn more >>

To make adding additional passengers easier for Miles&Smiles members, the information of family, friends or any other individual can be saved to their Miles&Smiles account. This saved information can then be used at the reservation and ticketing stage. Miles&Smiles members are responsible for ensuring that all information entered is up-to-date and correct. Up to 10 passengers may be registered to a Miles&Smiles account.

Ticketing service fee Learn more >>

A ticketing service fee will be collected for tickets issued through Online Channels. This service fee may change depending on departure city, flight time and seat class. Turkish Airlines reserves the right to make changes to its ticketing service fee policy and the fees themselves. Please click for more information regarding ticketing service fees.

Payment Learn more >>

Payment options:

  • Credit card or debit card¹ (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro , American Express, JCB, UATP, Diners Club, Discover, Troy, MIR, Carte Bleue Visa, CartaSi, Postepay, Bancontact)
  • BKM Express
  • Klarna
  • Klarna online bank transfer
  • iDEAL
  • UnionPay
  • Alipay
  • Shetab
  • KNET
  • EFT
  • Miles&Smiles credit card²
  • Internet banking
  • Express checkout
  • Paying with a voucher
  • Paypal

¹To make a payment using cards displaying the Electron or Maestro logo, Your bank must have authorized the cards to be used in online purchases.

²In payments made using a Miles&Smiles credit card, the payment rules of the credit card provider (MasterCard, Amex) apply.

Because Turkish Airlines is based in Türkiye, additional processing fees may be charged by Your bank for any online ticket purchases made with a credit card not issued by a Turkish bank. 

Klarna online bank transfer: Klarna online bank transfer is an online payment system which allows payments to be made from Your bank account quickly and securely. Klarna online bank transfer is supported by many banks across Europe. Please visit for more details. If you have chosen to pay using Klarna online bank transfer at checkout, you will be forwarded to the Klarna online bank transfer website. Once payment has been successfully completed, you will be redirected back to the Turkish Airlines website and Your ticked details will be displayed. 

It is the passenger's responsibility to transmit the complete ticket payment on time to Turkish Airlines. Tickets for which payments are not made Turkish Airlines within seven days will be canceled. Turkish Airlines is not responsible for any errors in payment or late payments originating from the passenger or passenger's bank. In case of dispute, Turkish Airlines' records must be shown as positive proof.

Klarna: Klarna is an online payment system that aims to smooth your payment. You can buy your tickets now with Klarna and pay later. On the payment page, when you click on the ‘Show Klarna options’ button, you will be offered to ‘Pay now’, ‘Pay later’ and ‘Slice it’ options according to your information. In addition, Klarna may request additional information if needed. After you buy your tickers with Klarna, you will pay for it to Klarna. Klarna is available for our passengers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany and the UK.

iDEAL: iDEAL is an online payment system which allows payments to be made from Your bank account quickly and securely. In order to use the iDEAL payment method, you must hold an internet banking account with ABN Amro, ASN Bank, Bunq, ING, Knab, Rabobank, SNS Bank, SNS Regio Bank, Triodos, Moneyou, Handelsbanken or Van Lanschot. Please visit for more details. If you have chosen to pay using iDEAL at checkout, you will be forwarded to Your bank's website. Once payment has been successfully completed, you will be redirected back to the Turkish Airlines website and Your ticked details will be displayed.

Please complete transactions made on Your bank's system as soon as possible and do not close the window until you have been redirected back to the Turkish Airlines website. If Your payment was made successfully but no ticket is issue, please contact Our call center for a refund.

Shetab Card: Shetab is an online payment card supported by Iranian banks. On our flights from Iran, you can make payments safely and quickly with Shetab cards, by selecting your the exchange rate as IRR. You can find more information on Shetab card payment methods here: If you choose to make a payment on the Shetab payment page, you will be redirected to the Samanbank website. After your payment has been successfully processed, you will be redirected to the Turkish Airlines website, where you will be able to view your ticket details.

KNET: Knet is a local card payment system supported by Kuwaiti banks that allows customers to make payments without having to share their full card information. You can make payments swiftly on KNET by selecting the KWD exchange rate. If you choose to make a payment on the payment page with KNET, you will be redirected to the KNET website in order to complete the payment process. After your payment has been successfully processed, you will be redirected to the Turkish Airlines website, where you will be able to view your ticket details.

Alipay: Alipay is a payment system that allows you to register your cards and make your payment quickly and securely. You can get more information about Alipay from website. If you choose to pay with Alipay on the payment page, you will be directed to the Alipay website to complete your payment. After your payment has been made successfully, you will be directed to Turkish Airlines website and you will be able to see the ticket details.

EFT: In EFT transactions, the total ticket amount must reach Turkish Airlines' account. While making an EFT transaction, the "EFT code" displayed on the “Checkout”/ “Confirmation” page must be used, and "Turkish Airlines" must be indicated as the recipient.

EFT payments can be made via any bank in Türkiye.

In place of payment via EFT, passengers holding İş Bankası accounts may select the internet banking payment option and make payment via İş Bankası's internet banking service."

If the EFT payment option is not selected, a reservation payment cannot be made via EFT.

EFT cannot be used in Pay and Fly payments.

Paypal:We accept PayPal in countries specified during the booking process. Your PayPal account will be debited when you click the "Pay" button. PayPal availability will vary according to where the ticket is departing from. By using your PayPal account, you agree that you are authorised to do so, and that the account holder details provided during the online booking process is correct. All PayPal transactions will be processed from the United Kingdom by TURK HAVA YOLLARI ANONIM ORTAKLIGI (TURKISH AIRLINES INC.) (Company No. FC006459) whose registered office is at 149 Hammersmith Road Lyric House, London W14 OQL

Internet banking: You can complete payment and ticketing processes for reservations made through Online Services via the internet banking systems of banks with which Turkish Airlines has existing agreements (Türkiye İş Bankası). Simply enter the reservation code (PNR) and any one of the passenger surnames recorded under the reservation into the relevant fields on the Internet Banking system through which you wish to pay.

Express checkout: The payment information entered into Online Services by Miles&Smiles members can be kept by Turkish Airlines, in accordance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS).

With this saved information, you can make payment for subsequent reservations quickly, easily and securely without having to enter Your card details.

After signing into Miles&Smiles, check the "Save my payment details" option while purchasing a ticket to save Your payment details. You can also save Your payment details and Your preferred payment method on the "My Payment Details" page of Your Miles&Smiles account.

By saving Your payment details, you authorize Turkish Airlines to securely keep those details and use them during purchasing transactions which you subsequently carry out.

While saving Your credit card details, the related CVC code will not be recorded.

You can save up to 3 cards. If you wish to save additional cards, you will be required to delete one of the existing records.

Choose Express Checkout on the "Checkout" page and use one of Your saved cards or preferred payment methods. Currencies supported by each payment method currencies supported by credit/debit card payments:

Paying with a voucher: Online ticket transactions can be performed with vouchers (RDL&RSD EMD) created for ticket refunds from our website. The payment process begins after voucher is selected for payment option in the payment page. If the voucher entered covers the ticket fare, the ticket is issued. If an additional payment is required, the remaining amount is paid via other payment methods and then the ticket is issued. When paying with vouchers;

  • Only vouchers issued in the name of the passenger can be used.
  • A maximum of three vouchers can be added for one passenger.
  • If the voucher entered covers the ticket fare, other vouchers may not be added.
  • If there is remaining value on the voucher, that amount may not be used for another passenger.
  • The amount of the voucher is shown in the currency to be paid.
  • Vouchers issued in exchange for domestic tickets may be used only for domestic flights. Vouchers issued for international tickets may be used only for international flights.
  • If the voucher amount exceeds the ticket fare, a one-time voucher is created for the remaining value.
  • The voucher is valid for Turkish Airlines direct flights only. It cannot be used for Codeshare or SPA flights.
Installment options:
Bank Credit Card Number of installments (Domestic flights) Number of installments (International flights)
Garanti Bankası Miles&Smiles 2-6 2-3
QNB Finansbank Miles&Smiles 2-6 2-3
Türkiye İş Bankası Maximum* 2-6 2-3
T.C. Ziraat Bankası Bankkart* 2-6 2-3
Albaraka World* 2-6 2-3
Yapı Kredi Bankası World* 2-6 2-3
VakıfBank World* 2-6 2-3
Anadolu Bank World* 2-6 2-3
QNB Finansbank CardFinans* 2-6 2-3
Akbank Axess* 2-6 2-3
Odeabank Axess* 2-6 2-3
Halkbank Paraf* 2-6 2-3
HSBC Advantage* 2-6 2-3
Kuveyt Türk Sağlam Kart* 2-6 2-3

*Miles & Smiles credit cards are offered in 3 installments for transactions under 250 TRY, while installment options cannot be offered to other cards.

Payment methods according to country:
Payment methods Supported countries (based on departure point) Supported exchange rates
UnionPay All countries TRY, USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, CHF, DKK, JPY, KWD, NOK, SAR, SEK, RUB, CNY
Diners Club All countries TRY, USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, CHF, DKK, KWD, NOK, SAR, SEK, RUB, CNY
Discover All countries TRY, USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, CHF, DKK, JPY, KWD, NOK, SAR, SEK, RUB, CNY
Klarna online bank transfer United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, France, Spain, Italy EUR, GBP, CHF
iDEAL Germany, Belgium, Holland
Klarna USA, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland USD, DKK, EUR, NOK, SEK, GBP
EFT, internet banking , BKM Express All countries TRY
Shetab Iran
KNET All countries KWD
Alipay All countries AUD, USD, CAD, GBP, EUR
¹MasterCard, Visa

²Maestro, Visa Electron

In tickets purchased through Online Services, card presentation will only be requested for transactions which have been identified as "suspect" by Our system. If a transaction is identified as "suspect", a card presentation warning will be displayed on the checkout page, and this warning will need to be confirmed. After confirming this warning, the cardholder must present the credit card and a valid identification document (passport, birth certificate, driver's license or marriage certificate, etc.) before the flight (at Turkish Airlines sales offices or check-in counter). Furthermore, this credit card must be submitted for any changes or cancellations/refunds to a ticket. In case this warning is not confirmed, the transaction will not be completed and the use of an alternative credit card will be requested.

For payments made by credit card and debit card, 3-D Secure verification may be requested where deemed necessary and supported by the card bank. For 3-D Secure authentication, the 3-D Secure password must be entered in the window of the bank to be opened after the card information is entered. Card submissions are not required for tickets purchased through 3-D Secure full validation.

Payment methods depending on the time remaining until departure:

Time remaining until departure (at most)
EFT 5 days
Internet banking 72 hours
BKM Express 1 hour (domestic) 2 hours (international)
Klarna 2 hours
Klarna online bank transfer 4 hours
iDEAL 4 hours
Credit/debit card 1 hour (domestic) 2 hours (international)
Shetab 2 hours
KNET 2 hours
Alipay 2 hours
Voucher 2 hours

The passenger is responsible for ensuring that payment reaches Turkish Airline's account within the option period given at the time of ticket purchase. Reservations not paid for within the given period will be cancelled automatically. Turkish Airlines cannot be held responsible for delays or technical difficulties (overpaid/underpaid EFT totals, transfer limits, etc.) which may arise through the use of a banking system or applications. In case of dispute, Turkish Airlines records constitute conclusive evidence.

Currency charge may be applied for tickets purchased by changing currency, depending on the currency you choosed. This information is provided in the price details.  Currency charge is refunded only in case of involuntary flight cancellations for tickets that have not been changed before.

Miles&Smiles Learn more >>

You can become a Miles&Smiles member through Online Channels.

Passengers over the age of 2 can become Miles&Smiles members.

Award tickets for up to 5 people can be issued through Online Channels.

Miles&Smiles members can have award tickets issued to other passengers. However, they must travel with the Miles&Smiles member on the first flight of the ticket.

Award tickets cannot be issued for infants age 2 or younger, or for unaccompanied minors. However, an award ticket may be issued to a child as long as they are traveling with an adult under the same reservation. If you wish to add an infant passenger to Your award ticket, you need to have a ticked issued for the infant. An infant passenger may only be added to an award ticket after they have been issued a ticket.

Award tickets cannot be issued for codeshare flights.

Earn Miles when flying with Us. Use those Miles to buy award tickets and fly all over the world! If you have Miles which are yet to be processed, you can process them through Online Channels.

Please click for Miles&Smiles terms and conditions.

Additional services Learn more >>

The provision of booking services for all products other than flights (including but not limited to hotel bookings, car rental, travel insurance, etc.) (collectively the "Ancillary Services") on this site are offered by third party partners on behalf of Turkish Airlines. Please refer to the third party website when making any such booking to see which third party is offering the Ancillary Product You are booking. If You book an Ancillary Product through any third party from this site, then Your contract will be directly with that third party and under that third party's terms & conditions (if any) and Turkish Airlines shall have no liability for any injury, illness, death, loss, damage, expense, cost or other claim of any description whatsoever which results from (i) the act(s) and/or omission(s) of the person(s) affected or any member(s) of their party; or (ii) the act(s) and/or omission(s) of a third party not connected with the provision of Your arrangements and which were unforeseeable or unavoidable; or (iii) events beyond Our control.

Additional services available through Online Channels

  • Insurance 
    • The vehicle insurance services offered by Turkish Airlines are provided by Gulf Sigorta A.Ş. Gulf Sigorta A.Ş. bears all responsibilities related to the insurance product purchased, including those pertaining to cancellations, refunds, changes and compensation claims (injury, cancellations, etc.). Please contact Gulf Sigorta A.Ş. regarding issues such as those listed above. Contact here.
    • If there is a change to a flight or a passenger requests that changes be made, a new insurance policy must be issued.
    • Only credit cards will be accepted in the sale of insurance policies. Furthermore, the currency used in payment must be Turkish Lira.
    • The credit card information entered by passengers to purchase a ticked through Online Channels will be shared with Gulf Sigorta A.Ş., and the premium for the selected travel insurance policy will be collected by Gulf Sigorta A.Ş.'s payment system. For this reason, when purchasing travel insurance, it will be assumed that the sharing of credit card information with Gulf Sigorta A.Ş. has been approved by the passenger.
    • Our partners Gulf Sigorta A.Ş. reserves the right to change terms and conditions relating to the sale of insurance, prices, cancellation, refunds, etc.
    • The receipt document issued upon collection of the insurance fee will be regarded as the policy document.

  • Hotel reservation 
    • The hotel reservation services offered by Turkish Airlines are provided by B.V. B.V. bears all responsibilities related to the additional services purchased, including those pertaining to cancellations, refunds, changes and compensation claims. Please contact B.V. regarding issues such as those listed above. Contact here.
    • Our partner B.V. reserves the right to change terms and conditions relating to hotel reservations, prices, cancellation, refunds, etc.

  • Car rentals 
    With this disclaimer, you acknowledge and accept that no affiliate, branch, employee, or manager of Turkish Airlines A.Ş. has any liability and makes no commitment regarding any direct, indirect, incidental or criminal indemnity or loss which may arise as a result of vehicle rental from Enterprise Rent-A-Car UK Limited or any of its branches or subsidiaries. This includes but is not limited to any material damage, material loss, injury, loss of earnings, loss of reputation or loss of security that may arise from vehicle rental. Stated limitations are only valid on Turkish Airlines' potential damage and losses on the condition that they are announced. In cases of challenge and exception to these limitations, the liability of Turkish Airlines A.Ş. in any judicial process which may be related to any accidental or indirect damage will be within the limits of the applicable law. 
    Driving license and age restrictions
    Minimum license and age restrictions will vary depending on vehicle group and the country in which a vehicle is rented. Individuals of age between 21-25 can purchase the young drivers product to rent intermediate and premium class vehicles. Drivers must present a license issued in their country of residence at the office from which they are renting their vehicle. International licenses are required in countries which do not use the Latin alphabet. 
    Debit/ATM cards 
    The total rental fee will be charged at the beginning of the rental agreement to an American Express, Visa or MasterCard credit card, or any other accepted credit card. The cardholder must be present at the office from which the vehicle is being rented and must sign the rental agreement. No transactions may be completed with a card if the cardholder is not present. Payments in cash or using a debit/ATM card will not be accepted. 
    Estimated total 
    Estimated totals include the listed rental fee and taxes. Infant seats, optional insurance, one-way fees and other similar additional charges are not included in the rental fee. Estimated totals may vary depending on the exchange rate at the time of rental and any optional extras. 
    International travel 
    Rules on leaving the country with a rented vehicle may vary depending on the country of rental. Please discuss this with a representative at the office from which you are renting your vehicle.

Corporate Club Learn more >>

You can join the Turkish Airlines Corporate Club, the corporate loyalty program of Turkish Airlines, via our online channels. Commercial companies, public institutions, ngos and similar organizations operating in areas other than airline carriers and travel agency activities can become members.

Corporate Club members can perform advantageous corporate ticketing transactions by logging into the online corporate account with the username and password. The number of passengers that can be added on behalf of a member organization is limited to 100 people, with 10 passenger changes permitted per month. If requested by the member, the number of passengers can be changed by considering the membership requirements.

Members of the Turkish Airlines Corporate Club can purchase tickets with special discounts and have extra baggage allowance.

The Corporate Help Desk, an after-sales support service for all members' requests and problems, consists of a dedicated e-mail address and call center to serve members.

Program benefits may vary depending on the country of membership and the period in which the benefits will be used. It does not apply to codeshare flights with other airlines.

Click here to reach Turkish Airlines Corporate Club terms and conditions.

The name printed on a ticket must be the same as the name on the passport presented for international flights, or on the ID (passport, driver's license, birth certificate, etc.) presented for domestic flights. Please double check Your ID while making Your reservation.