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Flights to Iran

Tehran Persian
Iranian Rial 80,28 million
Revolution Day (February 11), Newroz (March 20), Islamic Republic Day (March 31), Nature Day (April 01), Labor and Solidarity Day (May 01), Demise of Imam Khomeini (June 03), Ghader-e Khom Feast (September 20), Tassooa (October 11, 12), Arbain (November 20), Sacrifice Holiday, Ramadan Feast, Demise of Prophet Ali, Demise of Prophet Mohammed

Owning a history of thousands of years, Iran is one of the most attractive Middle Eastern countries as a cradle of the most ancient civilizations worldwide. The capital Tehran stands out as the largest city countrywide and welcomes a large number of visitors all year round. Bordered to the south by the Persian Gulf and to the north by the Caspian Sea, along with its natural beauties, Iran shares with its guests an invaluable historical heritage behind closed doors as well. The country shines out as one of the prominent political and economic powers of the region with its presence dating back to the Persians.

Those looking for a wonderful travel to discover this geography full of gems prefer booking their flights to Iran with Turkish Airlines and enjoy a comfortable flight of high quality.

Flight Details

Iran flight details

Turkish Airlines flies to six different destinations in Iran: Ahvaz, Isfahan, Mashhad, Shiraz, Tehran and Tabriz.

Flights from Istanbul Airport (IST) take two to four hours in average and land at Ahvaz Airport (AWZ), Isfahan Shahid Beheshti International Airport (IFN), Mashhad Airport (MHD), Shiraz International Airport (SYZ) and Tabriz Airport (TBZ). Flights to Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA) have two options for the points of departure as Istanbul Airport (IST) and Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW).

The busiest airport in the country is Tehran Mehrabad International Airport which serves to 17 million passengers each year. Mashhad Airport (MHD) is the second busiest with the annual number of 10,5 million passengers, which is followed by Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA) serving to 9 thousand passengers in average every year. Since Iran is an Islamic Republic, the celebrations of various religious feasts turn into enjoyable moments in the country. Along with that, the Newroz celebrations last many days all over the country, which are held with a wide range of different activities. Festival of Joy and Solidarity which is held on the 13th day of Newroz is another attention-grabbing event. Mehregan Festival, on the other hand, is celebrated to honor the unity and solidarity of the public. Moreover, almost all large cities are lightened with the fire and torches during Jashne Sade Festival, to defeat the forces of darkness. Shabe Chelle Festival which is often symbolized as the end of darkness is held in December 21 when the longest night of the year takes place. In addition, Chaharshanbe Suri, often cited as the last Wednesday Festival of Fire is another entertaining festival hosting fun celebrations heralding the coming of spring.

It is possible to get to know the Iranian culture better and experience a different vacation during these festivals and celebrations organized countrywide. You may also have a one of a kind experience if you happen to be in this country during these joyful events.

Attraction Points

Iran sightseeing and attractions

The capital Tehran serves as a metropolitan area where people from every walk of life live altogether. Spring would generally be the most ideal time to visit this beautiful city where you may witness surprising differences. Valiasr Street and nearby destinations are the closest spots to the city’s attractions. Bounded by the modern and vigorous North Tehran district, Valiasr Street offers easy transport options to the most remarkable crowd-pulling historic artifacts like the Golestan Palace and Niavaran palace, as well as the cultural spots like the National Museum of Iran, Carpet Museum, Museum of Contemporary Arts, Treasury of National Jewels and Sadabaad Palace. The notable places for shopping in the city are the Tehran Bazaar and Tajrish Bazaar; Liberty Tower, together with Darakh and Darband forests are other attractions offering a fresh and relaxing atmosphere especially in spring and autumn.

Located between Tehran and Isfahan, Kashan is a major oasis by the Kavir Desert. As a city with an extremely delighting atmosphere by its authentic details, Kashan offers an utterly different charm to its guests by the spectacular view of the blossoming roses in April. Historic Bazaar of Kashan, Agha Bozorg Mosque, Borujerdi House, Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse, Kashan Fin Garden and the archeological Sialk Hills are among the worth seeing spots in the city.

As the most touristic destination in the country, Isfahan is a wonderful choice for meeting the glory of the Persian civilization. This magnificent city where the artifacts have been successfully preserved up to the present is regarded as the center of Iran as well. Located on the banks of the Zayandehrud River, the city is rich in natural beauties and hosts Naqsh-e Jahan Square, one of the world’s largest squares. In addition to this giant square, the lovely town of Isfahan is home to many crowd-pulling spots, including but not limited to the Shah Mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Ali Qapu Palace, Masjed-e Shah, Chehel Sotoun Palace, Vank Cathedral, Grand Bazaar and the stone bridges of legendary beauty all over the city. Book your flight to Isfahan now to get ready for a captivating travel to this magnificent city.

Yazd, which is regarded as a city of narrow and high walled streets in the form of labyrinth right in the heart of a desert, together with Shiraz, the source of Persepolis, globally known for its carpet and grapes, shine out as the other outstanding touristic destinations in the country. You may benefit from train services, as well as the bus firms or domestic flights to transport between the cities. Moreover, you may also consider the option of car rental and enjoy a more comfortable transport throughout your stay in this sumptuous country.

Popular destinations in Iran