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Turkish Airlines wins Airbus "excellence" award

Turkish Airlines wins Airbus award for its “operational excellence” for service records.

Turkish Airlines, one of the world’s fastest growing airline companies, has received an award from Airbus for Top Operational Excellence for its A320 family fleet in recognition of its service record.

The airline was presented the award in Paris, France during Airbus' bi-annual symposium of all operators of the A320 family worldwide.

In total nine awards were presented for operators of the different aircraft types within the A320 family.

The selection criteria for the awards are based on data covering two years of operation and take into account the number of aircraft in the fleet, daily utilization rate, technical reliability, and the number of delays caused to flights for operational reasons.

Speaking at the award ceremony, Charles Champion, executive vice president of customer services, told the audience that “Turkish Airlines has established an extremely efficient operation with its Airbus aircraft, with exceptionally high utilization and an outstanding dispatch reliability.

"While the world A320 family fleet continues to record outstanding operational results, these awards recognize exceptional technical performance at individual operators," Champion said.

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