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Istanbul is located in north-western Türkiye as the most developed and populous city in the country. Meeting all the requirements of the contemporary life, Istanbul has been skillfully bearing the significance of its strategic location for many centuries. As a metropolis with a continuous busy-paced world of business, Istanbul is amongst the significant European capitals as well. A remarkable touristic destination by its turquoise Bosporus flowing through the city along with its magnificent nature, its glorious architectural works and bridges connecting the world, Istanbul is one of the cities with the highest economic power countrywide.

As the first choice of the passengers looking for an assurance and comfort in their journeys, Turkish Airlines strengthens the tie between Istanbul and Athens, which has both made their names in the world history for centuries. Book your flight with Turkish Airlines now and start planning your journey.

Turkish Airlines offers four direct flights in average every day from Istanbul to the capital of Greece, Athens. Istanbul Airport (IST) serves as the point of departure in all these flights. There may be seasonal changes on the number of flights round the year. Flights take between 1 hour and 20 minutes and 1 hour and 45 minutes in average.

In addition, Turkish Airlines also offers connecting flights over Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport (ABD) in this route on a seasonal basis. You may increase your flight alternatives for your journey from Istanbul to Athens with the connecting flights over Izmir.

From: Istanbul

Antalya Istanbul Flight Ticket

Istanbul is amongst the most popular and stunning cities worldwide by its geographical location and its deep-rooted history of thousands of years.

As the most populous and developed city in Türkiye, while growing rapidly, Istanbul serves as a producing, developing and instructing model for the country as well. This magnificent metropolis remains as a city of contrasts where there is always an ongoing struggle of the busy business world at the financial centers surrounded by the skyscrapers on one side, and peaceful sunsets with sea view to enjoy on the other…

The city hosts thousands of flights each day thanks to its popularity, via its two airports to manage the busy air traffic: İstanbul Airport (IST) and İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW). Turkish Airlines passengers with a flight ticket to Athens use Istanbul Airport (IST) as the point of departure.

Transportation from the city center to Istanbul Airport (IST)

Istanbul city center is approximately 35 km from Istanbul and there are plenty of transport options available, such as taxi, rent-a-car and airport shuttles. For more information on public transportation to Istanbul Airport, check our transport information page.

It takes about 30 minutes to reach Istanbul Airport by taxi, and costs around 100-110 TL. You can travel comfortably on the Airport shuttles at all most any hour of the day, and these shuttles reach many places in the city.

Destination: Athens

Turkish Airlines Athens Flights

Athens is perhaps one of the most impressive cities in the world with its history of thousands of years. As a city full of myths, Athens will take you to an amazing travel in time to witness the history while walking down its streets. Athens simply enthralls the tourists by its magnificent beaches by the Aegean, The Port of Piraeus as the country’s center of trade, and its ancient cities of Acropolis and Agora.

Athens hosts a single airport; located 27 kilometers from the center, Elefterios Venizelos International Airport (ATH) is regarded as the busiest airport serving in Greece. Turkish Airlines flights from Istanbul to Athens land at this airport.

Transportation from Athens Elefterios Venizelos International Airport (ATH) to the city center

You may use the bus services, the subway system or cabs to reach the city center from Athens Elefterios Venizelos International Airport (ATH).

You may get on the bus numbered X95 from the station on the way out the airport and reach the center. These buses operate in every fifteen minutes and get to Sintagma Square in the center within nearly an hour. You may get on the bus numbered X93 also from the same spot to reach Kifissos Bus Station.

Those interested in using the subway may arrive at Sintagma Square via the blue subway line which operates in every 25 minutes. Make sure you get on the right line; there is also the suburban train setting off from the same platform with the subway system.

Cabs are also available right on the way out Athens Elefterios Venizelos International Airport (ATH) for those interested in a private transport.

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