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Flights to Cuba

Havana Spanish
Cuban Peso (CUP) and Convertible Cuban Peso (CUC) 11,48 million
Cuban National Day/Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution (January 01), José Marti’s Birthday Memorial (January 28), International Women’s Day (March 08 Mart), Labor Day (May 01), National Day of the Rebellion (July 26-27), Independence Day (October 10), Memorial Day for Antonio Maceo (December 15)

Regarded as the “Pearl of Caribbean”, Cuba is amongst the most desirable destinations worldwide by its different culture, exotic nature and its history which has been a source of inspiration for many songs. The country remains standing as the stronghold of communism, which has a great effect on its popularity. Children starting the day by pledging loyalty to Fidel Castro and Che Guevara on one side, the charming turquoise beaches of the Caribbean on the other… Cuba offers numerous cultural and visual prosperities to make you feel enthralled during your stay.

Remaining faithful to its roots as much as possible and keeping up with the today’s world as well, the country’s capital Havana is the most attention-grabbing destination in the island. Apart from this lovely capital which is fueled with music and dance just like making a stand against the heaviness of its hazy history where the spirit of revolution still remains in its streets, Cuba owns many other worth-seeing regions as well. Included in UNESCO World Heritage List by its giant tobacco fields, Vinales is another remarkable spot in the country, together with the Trinidad, globally known by its long beaches and coffee plantations, Santiago de Cuba where Fidel Castro declared the revolution in 1959, Varadero, as the most popular destination for a holiday full of sea and sun, and Santa Clara, often cited as Che Guevara’s city.

If you are looking forward to seeing the beautiful Cuba, remarkable for its warmhearted and hospitable people, and exploring the different regions, take a look at the flights to Cuba right now to enjoy a comfortable journey of high quality with Turkish Airlines.

Flight Details

Cuba flight details

Turkish Airlines flies to five different destinations in Cuba: Havana, Cayo Coco, Holguin, Santa Clara and Vadero. Flights from Istanbul Airport (IST) take nearly thirteen to seventeen hours. Turkish Airlines offers flights to Jardines del Rey Airport (CCC), Jose Marti International Airport (HOG), Abel Santamaria Airport (SNU) and Juan Gualberto Gomez Airport (VRA) ongoing all year long. This beautiful island is flooded by thousands of tourists mostly in the Christmas and during the summer months.

The political background of the country has an undeniable effect on the tourism. For this reason, many politic events, such as the 1st of May Worker’s Day, the anniversary of Che Guevara’s death held in October 08, the anniversary of Bay of Pigs Victory in April 19, which paved the way for Fidel Castro and friends to come into power in Cuba, toppling the Batista regime, draw heavy attention worldwide. The Carnival taking place in July at Santiago de Cuba, regarded as the birthplace of Salsa dance, is another crowd-pulling event. Moreover, Cuba welcomes its visitors in a magical atmosphere during the Havana Carnival in the first days of August, and Habanos Cigar Festival held in February.

You may have a chance to see closer the Cuban culture if you happen to visit this adorable country during these events. It would be advantageous to book your flight in advance, taking into account that the country is in high demand during the festival season.

Attraction Points

Cuba sightseeing and attractions

It is surely beyond doubt that the sole reason of Cuba’s popularity is not its history. This tropical island in the heart of the ocean shines out by its cultural tourism as well. Cuba offers an utterly different atmosphere for its guests, by its well-preserved nature, stunning architecture and cheerful people.

Dance and music are the priorities of the Cuban people, whose origins are from Spain and Africa. You will be enthralled by the ceaseless energy of the country with the live music groups all over the streets. Old Havana District surrounded by colorful buildings, together with the iconic Revolution Square, Plaza de Armas which hosts impressing bibliopoles, and the coastal district Malecon are amongst the top must-see spots in Havana. Have a look at the flights to Havana now, if you are dreaming of a colorful and enjoyable vacation.

It is not difficult to easily communicate and mingle in with Cuban people, who are often notable for their friendliness. However, the people of Santiago de Cuba are one step ahead in amiableness. You may enjoy yourself with impressive dance and music activities at all hours in Casa de la Trova, a dance saloon dedicated to traditional folk music. You may also attend Cumbancha street parties and acquaint yourself with some dance moves, watching the local people.

Cespedes Park, Santiago de Cuba Cathedral, Museum House of Diego de Velazquez and Emilio Bacardi Moreau Museum are the remarkable spots worth-seeing in the city.

In addition to cultural trips, Cuba is an ideal destination also for luxury and pleasure vacation. The country’s shores are convenient for a wide range of options in water sports, from diving to surfing and sailing. Offering a large number of luxury hotels, Varadero is another popular destination by its shiny sun and pure sea. This fantastic Cuban town is the favorite spot of especially the honeymooners, by its crystal sands of legendary beauty, attractive dolphin farms and the vast golf courses where you can have pleasant moments.

You may wish to visit more than one destination during your stay at the enchanting Cuba. Note that it is possible to benefit from the bus services operating between the utterly amazing Cuban cities. Moreover, you may consider the option of car rental as well, if you are interested in a more comfortable and practical transport.

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