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Flights to Rwanda

Kigali French, English, Kinyarwanda
Rwandan Franc 12,21 million
New Year (January 01), National Heroes Day (February 01), Genocide against the Tutsi Memorial Day (April 07), Labor Day (May 01), Independence Day (July 01), Liberation Day (July 04), Christmas (December 25-26), Good Friday, Ramadan Feast, Sacrifice Holiday

The Republic of Rwanda is a multicultural and multilingual country in the eastern Africa. It therefore owns an extremely rich and colorful culture. Once the vibrant culture of the country is combined by the untouched virgin nature of the continent, Rwanda shines out as a splendid destination offering outstanding opportunities for those interested in having unusual experiences and travelling to rarely explored countries.

If you are also dreaming of an extraordinary holiday by the marvelous nature, numerous ethnic groups and interesting lifestyles of Africa, take a look at the flight tickets offered by Turkish Airlines now to start planning your travel by making use of the privileged opportunities.

Flight Details

Rwanda flight details

Flights to Rwanda with Turkish Airlines take off from Istanbul Airport (IST) and land at Kigali Airport (KGL) in the capital within six hours and thirty minutes in average.

As a country close to equator by its location, the temperature in Rwanda does not go much below. Being a destination also with slight rains, Rwanda therefore can be visited all seasons. Although all seasons are convenient for those wishing to experience the natural life in Rwanda, the period between May and October would be the ideal time for those planning to see the gorilla safari, one of the most outstanding experiences the country offers for its guests. The air traffic in the country gets busier especially during this season.

Rwanda succeeds in appealing to tourists by various cultural events as well. Rwanda Mini Film Festival held in every July at the capital, together with Hillywood Festival held for promoting the country’s film industry also in July are highly attractive particularly for those looking for an authentic pleasure. In addition, Centre X Centre Festival in August is one of the most powerful events taking place countrywide. It would be an important opportunity to witness the country’s background by its theater plays held to reveal the effects of Rwanda Massacre, and the annually changing theme featuring art and peace. KigaliUp! Music Festival organized at the capital in September, on the other hand, is an attention-grabbing event to listen to the best tracks of the country’s traditional music, as well as R&B and pop, whereas the FAAZ Festival in October shines out as an attractive festival to witness the region’s art concept, hosting the best dancers, musicians, actors and actresses of both Rwanda and the entire Africa.

Attraction Points

Rwanda sightseeing and attractions

The sparkling capital Kigali is an enthralling city which has already removed the traces of the brutal genocide which took place 23 years ago, rising from the ashes by improving its economy with the high-tech companies establishing successively.

Kigali is looking forward to welcoming you by its clean boulevards and elegant cafés and restaurants serving the most delicious African coffee. Even though many tourists prefer safari tours and disregard the city’s young vibe, Kigali should be an enjoyable stop in your visit to Rwanda. You may visit here the National Museum, which was donated by Belgium in honor of the 25th year of country’s independence. Presidential Palace National Museum would be another alternative for gaining an insight into the country’s history.

Owning a young and newly blossoming art atmosphere, the city of Kigali is full of interesting art galleries. Inema Art Centre is simply worth-seeing by its collection including the works of both national and guest artists. This centre where music, sculpture, painting and dance lessons are also given, allows you to see closer Rwanda’s approach to art. Kandt House Museum, also known as the Museum of Natural History, which provides the most detailed information about the country’s history and natural marvels, is another must-see spot in Rwanda. Visiting the museum once in the beginning and once in the end of your visit to country would be an innovative experience to support you analyze every spot you visit.

Make sure to also see the symbol of Kigali and Rwanda, Camp Kigali Monument built on the spot where 10 people died during the genocide, as well as the Kigali Genocide Memorial, a highly attractive spot by visuals and photographs depicting the genocide. It would also be an enthralling experience to climb the hills and watch the sunset at the capital and nearby cities of Rwanda, which is known as the country on thousand hills.

It is possible to use the minibuses, cabs or motorbikes for transportation within the cities in Rwanda where the transport is quite challenging due to the country’s rugged terrains. Nevertheless, you may consider renting a car to ease the transportation during your stay.

After enjoying the exotic cities of Rwanda, now it is time to experience the country’s splendid virgin nature. Volcanoes National Park in the capital Kigali is highly popular as a destination where you can learn anything about the silverback gorillas, which have quite become the country’s icon. Known also as the Gorilla Park, this national park offers gorilla safari to see closer these unique species. Moreover, capital’s another national park, Akagera National Park is another crowd-pulling spot hosting countless species, which is an ideal place for safari as well. Lake Kivu, as the country’s source of fish, serves as a tranquil recreational area. It would be recommendable to eat your fish cooked with special technique along the banks of Lake Kivu located in a town called Gisenyi.

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