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Freetown airport information

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The distance between Lungi International Airport (FNA) and Freetown is 28 km, and Tagrin Bay separates the two. You can take a taxi from the airport to the Tagrin Ferry Pier (this journey will take around 20 minutes), and then take the ferry to Freetown. The ferry journey will last about an hour and costs around 1 euro.

Tempo medio dall'aeroporto: 20 minutes

Distanza dall'aeroporto: 28 km


Sea taxis operate between Lungi International Airport and Freetown. It takes about half an hour to make the journey and costs around 35 euros. The motorway between the airport and Freetown isn't usually the first choice. A taxi from the airport to Freetown will cost in the region of 300 euros and lasts about four and a half hours.

Prezzo medio del taxi: 35 euros


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