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Grazie alla nostra partnership con, puoi guadagnare 2 Miglia per ogni euro, che puoi spendere ovunque, in accoglienti alloggi familiari, hotel a 5 stelle, ostelli o ville.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which airports are closest to Muğla? Learn more

Turkish Airlines flights to Muğla are operated from Milas Bodrum Airport and Dalaman Airport.

Which airport is most convenient to various Muğla districts? Learn more

Depending on your destination, flights to Muğla are served by two airports: 

Milas-Bodrum Airport is most convenient to Bodrum, Milas, Yatağan, Menteşe and Datça. It is easier to reach Marmaris, Köyceğiz and Fethiye via Dalaman Airport.

How long are flights to Muğla? Learn more

- Flights from İstanbul to Muğla: 75 minutes. 

- Flights from Ankara to Muğla: 75 minutes. 

- Flights from from London to Muğla: 4 hours. 

- Flights from Berlin to Muğla: 3 hours and 15 minutes. 

- Flights from Moscow to Muğla: 5 hours. 

- Flights from Beirut to Muğla: 90 minutes. 

- Flights from Skopje to Muğla: 75 minutes.

How to buy tickets to Muğla? Learn more

We suggest purchasing flights to Muğla during the autumn or winter months, except for special holiday periods, for the most advantageous fares. In addition, you can find tickets through the periodic domestic and international flight ticket campaigns offered by Turkish Airlines.