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Introducing Cape Town

The city of Cape Town is nestled between two oceans and enjoys some of the most dramatic natural landscapes in the world. After starting your exploration of the city with a climb up Table Mountain, travel over to the Cape of Good Hope and visit the infamous Robben Island, where you'll learn about Nelson Mandela and his compatriots’ struggle for freedom. The city's museums are sure to enthrall you, and there's no better place to start than the South African National Gallery. Of course there's the city's picturesque parks to enjoy and some fantastic cuisine to try too.

Cape Town is known for:

로맨틱 수영 다이빙 등산 익스트림 스포츠 해안

빠른 정보

주변 도시
Hot Bay (20 km)
Bellville (23 km)
Stellenbosch (50 km)
South African Rand (ZAR)

국가 코드

전기 전력

GMT +2

평균 커피 가격


Cape Town airport information

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대중 교통:

Cape Town International Airport (CPT) is 20 km outside the city center and the journey between the two can be made using the My Citi buses. Depending on traffic, the journey will take about 30 minutes and will cost around 3 euros.

공항에서 평균 시간: 30 minutes

공항까지 거리: 20 km


If you want to take a taxi from Cape Town International Airport, you can expect to pay anywhere between 23 and 30 euros for the 20-minute journey.

택시 평균 요금: 23-30 euros

자동차 렌트:

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자동차 렌트 평균 요금: 285 lira

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