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Introducing Mardin

Time moves to its own rhythm here in Mardin, and more and more tourists have started to discover its mystical charm. Part of the city's appeal is the fact that you can see traces of the civilizations which have called Mardin home over the centuries. The caravanserais and bazaars which have survived since the time of the Silk Road, traditional houses, old pavilions, castles, mosques, shrines, churches, monasteries and caves of the city will all help transport you back to an age gone by. And cooking in the city retains much of its traditional feel, with dishes using spices and other ingredients particular to the region. All this comes together to make Mardin the poetic southeastern Anatolian city it is.

Mardin is known for:

역사와 예술 요리 도시

빠른 정보

주변 도시
Şanlıurfa (175 km)
Batman (148 km)
Diyarbakır (85 km)
Turkish Lira (TRY)

국가 코드

전기 전력
C, E, F

GMT +2

평균 커피 가격


Mardin airport information

공항 가이드 PDF 다운로드

대중 교통:

Mardin Airport (MQM) is 20 km outside the city center. There are buses and public mini buses running between the two, with mini buses being the cheaper and easier option. For just 2 lira, a minibus will take you to the city center.

공항에서 평균 시간: 25 minutes

공항까지 거리: 20 km


You'll find taxis right outside Mardin Airport, and the journey to the center will last about 25 minutes and will cost anywhere between 25 and 50 lira, depending on your destination.

택시 평균 요금: 25-50 liras

자동차 렌트:

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