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Introducing Yanbu

Located near to the Suez Canal, it was originally a staging point on the spice and incense route from Egypt and Yemen to the Mediterranean. Yanbu became an important city from an economical point of view after becoming one of the stations for a pipeline carrying liquefied natural gas from east to west. Another accelerating factor in its industrial development was the King Abdulaziz road. The city, divided into three parts as Al-Balad, Al-Nakheel and Al-Sina’iya, is now an important petrochemical export center of Red Sea.

Yanbu is known for:

해안 웰빙

빠른 정보

주변 도시
Medina (231 km)
Badr Hunayn (126 km)
Umm Lajj (174 km)
Saudi Riyal (SAR)

국가 코드

전기 전력
A, B, C, G

GMT +3

평균 커피 가격


Yanbu airport information

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대중 교통:

There is no public transport service from the airport to the city center.

공항에서 평균 시간: N/A

공항까지 거리: N/A


You can use the 24 hour taxi service at the airport to travel the 8 km to Yanbu city center or make the 25 km journey to Yanbu industrial city. The average cost of a taxi is 50–70 Saudi riyals from the airport to Yanbu city center or around 100–150 Saudi riyals to get to Yanbu industrial city.

택시 평균 요금: 100–150 Saudi riyals

자동차 렌트:

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