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Enhance your travel experience with XCover Travel Insurance, and ensure peace of mind and exceptional service throughout your trip. Simply add travel protection to your plane ticket at the checkout and enjoy the advantages it brings, including coverage for flight cancellations, lost luggage, and health insurance.

What does your travel insurance cover?

Frequently asked questions about travel insurance

How do I access my XCover Travel Insurance documents? Learn more

An XCover Account is created for you when you purchase XCover Travel Protection Insurance. To view your documents, statements and invoice, you must first log into your account. If you are logging into your account for the first time, you must first locate the confirmation email from XCover and click the link to create your account. If you can't find your confirmation email, you should check your spam folder. After creating your account, you can view your documents and start your request.

How can I change, cancel or get a refund on XCover Travel Insurance? Learn more

You can change your travel insurance and update your insured information by logging into your XCover Account via the email address you use for Turkish Airlines.

You can update your policyholder details by clicking “Cancel/Change” on the policy you want to change, via the “Change policy owner” button.

You can cancel your insurance from your XCover Account. You can cancel the policy by selecting the policy you want to cancel and clicking “Cancel policy”. The options available vary depending on your policy and country.

What are the differences between international and domestic travel insurance? Learn more

Domestic travel insurance covers your travel within the country where your journey started, and international travel insurance covers your international travel.

What are the differences between travel cancellation coverage and comprehensive coverage? Learn more

XCover Travel Insurance provides different levels of coverage. Trip cancellation coverage covers your inability to travel due to injury or illness. Comprehensive coverage offers a higher level of protection with additional services such as medical bills and lost and damaged baggage insurance.

Is international travel insurance mandatory? Learn more

In some countries, travel insurance is mandatory for visa purposes. Also, if you don't have travel insurance, you may face excessive expenses in medical bills or prepaid accommodation. To learn more, you can review the visa conditions of the country where you are traveling.

How can I find out about travel insurance prices? Learn more

You can see the travel insurance rates on this page by entering the relevant information when purchasing or after purchasing your flight. Prices may vary depending on travel time, destination, departure date, and other factors.

Why is travel insurance necessary? Learn more

Depending on your level of protection, your trip costs may be covered if you have to cancel, interrupt or cut your trip short because you or a close relative becomes sick or injured. 

To claim, make changes or view your policy text, you must first activate your XCover Account. To get started, find the confirmation email from XCover in your inbox and click the link to create your XCover Account. After your account is created, you can see what your insurance covers. For other questions about XCover, you can visit the relevant help center.

When does XCover Travel Insurance start and end? Learn more

You can check your certificate through your XCover Account. Your travel insurance policy coverage will vary depending on your start date, type of protection and country.

How can I submit a claim from XCover Travel Insurance? Learn more

Payment or refunds on claims processed and approved in the XCover claim process are fast and hassle-free. The dedicated team at XCover aim to complete 95% of the relevant requests within three days of the request submission. So keep a close eye on your emails to avoid any delays. Visit xcover.com/claim to get started.

How can I contact XCover? Learn more

It is important that you sign into your XCover Account. To get started, find the confirmation email from XCover in your inbox and click the link to create your XCover Account. 

After your account is created, you can review what your travel insurance covers. For contacting XCover and other questions, you can visit the relevant help center.

How can I purchase travel insurance for Türkiye? Learn more

When booking flight tickets via the Turkish Airlines website, you can add travel insurance for Türkiye during the additional services selection step.

If you hold an existing ticket purchased from Turkish Airlines, you can generate travel insurance for Türkiye by entering your PNR number, surname and country of residence on the current page

For more details about travel insurance, you can visit our frequently asked questions.