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Do you need extra time? Hold the price!

You have got an excellent price, but have you drawn up a travel schedule yet? No problem, with “Hold the price” time is on your side, put that special price on hold for free. As soon as you hold the price, the ticket price remains the same for a certain period of time and you will enjoy advantageous prices when you make ticketing. Moreover, it is completely free!

How does it work? 

  • Begin the ticket purchasing process.
  • Select the “Hold the price” button after you have made your flight selection.
  • Fill in the passenger information and select one of the price holding packages.
  • Enter your credit card details and pay for price holding fee.
  • Once you complete price holding, your ticket price will remain the same for the duration of the option period.
  • To purchase a ticket with price holding go to the “My reservations” section on your account and complete the transaction.
  • Note ticketing must be completed before the option period belonging to your price holding package expires.
  • For full details on the price holding, check our terms and conditions page.