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A sample recipe from THY Business Class cabin meals

Your desired flavors are now above the clouds

In order to enjoy our various delicious treats, that we serve on Business Class flights, you can easily select your main course on our website or mobile app before your travel.


Are you ready to maximize your pleasure of flying Business Class with the great flavors of Turkish Airlines? You can navigate through the photos of all dishes at least 48 hours before your flight on your reservation and easily select the meals you wish to enjoy during your flight.

You can choose among red meat selections inspiring gourmets, chicken dishes flavored with various sauces, the freshest seafood, pastas of all kinds, traditional dishes from Turkish cuisine and excellent choices from world cuisine.

The most delicious travel

Are you ready for a delicious travel experience in Business Class accompanied by the exclusive onboard dining service of Turkish Airlines? Make your selection among dozens of dishes prepared by our professional chefs with the freshest ingredients and enjoy delicious moments above the clouds.

Your meal is ready on flight

You can navigate through the photos of all dishes at least 48 hours before your flight on your reservation and select the meals you wish to enjoy. Your preferred dishes will be served during your Business Class flight and your journey will transform into an adventure of taste.

Select the taste you desire

Traditional recipes from Turkish cuisine or excellent choices from world cuisine. Select the meal you wish for the most enjoyable travel. Delicious red and white meat selections, various pastas, local flavors and more await you on Business Class flights.

  • A week before your flight, you can check photos, and choose from delicious dining options that will be served to you on any and all intercontinental flights departing from Istanbul. We kindly remind that you make your meal selection at least 48 hours before your flight.
  • Dining options vary from flight to flight.
  • Your meal selection may not available due to operational reasons.
  • You can make your meal selection using your ticket information, via our website or mobile application.
  • Our meal selection service is currently only available on flights from Istanbul to Atlanta, Bangkok, Bogota, Boston, Cape Town, Caracas, Dallas, Denpasar, Durban, Guangzhou, Caracas, Hanoi, Havana, Hong Kong, Houston, Jakarta, Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur, Los Angeles, Madagascar, Manila, Maputo, Mauritius, Mexico City, Miami, Montreal, New York, Newark, Osaka, Beijing, Phuket, San Francisco, Shanghai, Sao Paulo, Ho Chi Minh, Seattle, Seoul, Singapore, Chicago, Taipei, Tokyo, Toronto, Vancouver, Washington DC and Xi'an.
  • Our offerings are prepared with Islamic restrictions in mind.