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Flights to Bangladesh

Dhaka Bengali
Bangladesh Taka 164,7 million
New Year (January 01), International Mother Language Day (February 21), Independence Day (March 26), Bengali New Year (April 14), Labor Day (May 01), Shab-e Miraj (May 05), Buddha Purnima (May 21), National Revolution and Solidarity Day (November 07), Victory Day (November 16)

As a South Asian country bounded by India and Myanmar, Bangladesh is the favorite destination of those fond of meeting different cultures. Owning a highly impressive nature by its tropical beaches and verdant forests, Bangladesh simply is a heritage waiting to be discovered by its deep-rooted history remaining from the 1000s before Common Era, together with its lands which had been a cradle of great civilizations throughout its deep-rooted history.

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Flight Details

Bangladesh flight details

Turkish Airlines flies to three different destinations in Bangladesh: Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet. Flights from Istanbul Airport (IST) land at Shah Jalal International Airport (DAC) in the capital Dhaka within seven hours and fifteen minutes in average. Turkish Airlines flights to Chittagong Airport (CPG) and Sylhet Airport (ZYL) are operated as connecting over the capital Dhaka. The duration of journeys with connecting flights varies by the point of destination.

As a country with a sub-tropical Monsoon climate, there are frequent seasonal changes in Bangladesh. Nevertheless, the temperature does not go beyond much even in the months of winter. However, as a country with Monsoon rains due to its geographical location, summertime is generally very rainy in Bangladesh. It would therefore be advantageous to prefer visiting the country when there is no rain. The most ideal time to visit the country is the months of spring, when the temperature is not very high and no rains are observed; the country has its busiest air traffic during this period as well.

Under the influence of Hindu and Buddhist traditions, as well as the Islamic culture, Bangladesh brings in many tourists by its unique and colorful events. The festivals in this adorable country are also the perfect chances to observe the country’s eclectic culture and traditions beyond comparison. In this sense, the most attractive events hosting the most colorful atmospheres are held within the scope of Bengali New Year. Locally known as Pawhela Boishakh, the festival gathers together all cultures living in the country, accompanied by enthusiastic shows. Moreover, Ekushey celebrated in the twenty first day of February aims to preserve Urdu as a national language. Known also as International Mother Language Day, politicians, authors, intellectuals, poets and notable artists countrywide come together to display performances and read poems for commemorating the sufferers for this end. Hosting a considerable number of Hindu populations, Bangladesh’s most enthusiastic event is the Hindu Feast called Durga Puja. Rituals and ceremonies held in Dhakeswari Temple appeal to especially those fond of cultural tourism.

Attraction Points

Bangladesh sightseeing and attractions

The capital Dhaka truly is a city of contrasts, with its poor districts where locals live on one side, and its rich and well-kept spaces as a residence of mostly the foreign families on the other… As a city with a highly deep-rooted history, Dhaka is rich in touristic sense, as it hosts many ethnic and religious groups. The most attractive and the touristic spot in the capital is Ahsan Manzil, built by the French during the last years of the 19th century. Evoking admiration by its location along the Buriganga River and pink color, this palace serves as a National Museum today. Lalbagh Fort in the east side of the capital is another noteworthy site by its location close to Buriganga River. This Mughal fort complex built in the 17th century is under protection by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The complex is flooded by many tourists every year by its Mughal style garden in front, together with the Tomb of Bibi Pari, Lalbagh Mosque and Shaista Khan Museum within.

Moreover, Bangladesh National Museum is the most ideal address for gaining insight into the deep-rooted history of Bangladesh. Serving with natural history, civilization and classical art departments, as well as exhibiting ethnographic and decorative works of art, the museum offers a wide range of collection from the detailed maps of the country to the sculptures of Bengal tiger, instruments of torture remaining from the wartime, to the photographs of notable people of Bangladesh. Dhakeshwari National Temple dating back to the 12th century is another must-see spot in Dhaka. This Hindu temple consisting of four domes is simply worth-seeing by utterly charming statues within, as well as being the top significant Hindu temple countrywide. It is possible to use the bicycle cabs or subway to reach anywhere in the city in Dhaka. Furthermore, you may also consider the option of car rental to set a more comprehensive travel plan to see multiple destinations during your stay.

Chittagong, the largest international port countrywide is another outstanding city in Bangladesh. Since the people of Chittagong are strictly bound to their traditions, the city would be an ideal address to witness the cultural fabric of Bangladesh at first hand. The most noteworthy must-see spot in the city is the mausoleum of Hazrat Shah Sufi Amanat Khan, one of the top famous saints countrywide. Regarded as a notable scholar in Bangladesh and extremely valuable individual for locals, Hazrat Shah Sufi Amanat Khan is a historic figure titled as saint after death, thanks to his spiritual teachings. Another significant tomb in the city is the Shrine of Bayazid Bostani. Appealing to many believers, this shrine is a favorite spot of tourists as well, by its small lake with turtles and breathtaking architecture. Foy’s Lake, on the other hand, where you can witness the peerless landscape of Bangladesh, is a peaceful attraction to take a pleasant break at, with its splendid panoramic view and picnic spaces, as well as the entertaining amusement park and zoo it hosts within.

Sylhet is another extraordinary Bangladeshi city waiting to be discovered by its pretty tea gardens, well-preserved traditions and friendly local people. You may see here the Lala Khal Tea Gardens, one of the most impressive spots countrywide, join boat tours to watch the colorful city life from a distance, buy authentic souvenirs from the local markets or have an utterly different culture experience by meeting Khasi People.

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